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A Ryanair plane.

A plane flying from Portugal to Scotland was mistakenly told it was flying near the North Pole when its navigation gear malfunctioned

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 was flying to Edinburgh when it experienced a number of malfunctions, including with the plane's altitude readings.
Wood, 77, built a $1.5 billion fortune running energy services firm The Wood Group until his retirement in 2012.

A 77-year-old Scottish oil tycoon used his time on stage at a high-profile NYC philanthropy event to reprimand American billionaires for failing to do...

Americans gave $427.71 billion to US charities in 2018, but only $22.88 billion went to international causes.

Trump’s Turnberry resort has made nearly $200,000 from US military visits since he took office

259 military crews refueled at Scotland's Prestwick Airport in 2019, the closest one to Trump's struggling resort. 40 Air Force crews lodged there.
President Donald Trump arrives aboard Air Force One to rally with supporters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, November 4, 2018.

Trump’s ties to Scotland airport are getting a closer look after military personnel stayed at Turnberry golf resort

"We are going to make this really successful," Trump said in 2014. "You are going to get a lot of business."

The US Air Force is reviewing how it picks hotels after a crew refueling in Scotland drove 54 miles to stay at Trump’s luxury resort

An Air Force C-17 crew stayed at Trump's Turnberry resort in Scotland for a night in March during a refueling stop during a trip to Kuwait.

An Air National Guard crew reportedly stopped by Trump’s luxury resort on their flight to the Middle East

A crew member reportedly texted someone a photo and mentioned that their allowance could not cover the meals.
Seton Castle in East Lothian, Scotland.

An 18th-century castle linked to the beheaded Mary, Queen of Scots has its own tavern and a cinema — and it’s on the market for $9.7 milli...

Many parts of the castle still feature original touches, including fireplaces, doors, and leaded glass window panes.
A police officer patrols as Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon waits for Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Bute House in Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain July 29, 2019. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

Watch Boris Johnson get booed as he arrives in Scotland to meet Nicola Sturgeon

The new UK prime minister was greeted by a chorus of boos in Scotland on Monday.
It could happen.

Conservatives are conditioning us to accept the breakup of Britain

They might need to destroy Britain in order to secure its independence.
Trump during a visit to Turnberry, a separate golf resort in Scotland he owns.

Trump’s Scottish golf course trashed the environment so badly that its sand dunes will lose their protected status

The golf course was opened in 2012 despite protests by environmental groups, who argued the golf course would damage the unique habitat.