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Here’s what happened to all of the brands Sears used to own, from a car-insurance company to a hardware store

Sears, which avoided liquidation on Wednesday, once owned a wealth of different brands. Here's what happened to them.
Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert.

Sears creditors seek to sue Eddie Lampert and challenge his victory in purchasing the company out of bankruptcy

A group of Sears creditors is challenging Eddie Lampert's victory in purchasing the ailing retailer out of bankruptcy.

Sears officially announces Eddie Lampert as the winner of its bankruptcy auction and says 45,000 jobs will be saved

Eddie Lampert's bid would keep about 400 Sears stores open and retain about 45,000 jobs.
Inside a Sears store.

‘There is no way Sears is going to survive’: Sears may live on, but some say failure is inevitable

Analysts have raised questions about whether Sears can survive after emerging from bankruptcy as a smaller, reorganized company.

These haunting photos of the retail apocalypse reveal a new normal in America as Sears clings on after closing hundreds of stores

A retail apocalypse is ripping through America, leaving clearance sales and empty malls in its wake.
Sears has been losing money and closing stores for years.

Sears, once the largest retailer in the world, has narrowly avoided liquidation. Here’s how its downfall played out.

Sears used to be the biggest retailer in the world. Chairman Eddie Lampert has won a bankruptcy auction to keep it alive.
Around 18,000 people would lose their jobs.

In order to stave off extinction, Sears will decimate its stores until only about 400 remain

Sears is slated to live on thanks to chairman Eddie Lampert's bid to save the company. To survive, the retailer will have to close numerous stores.

Sears set to stay open after last ditch bid prevents liquidation, sending shares surging

A last ditch effort from a billionaire hedge fund manager is set to keep Sears alive after beating off competition for the legacy retailer.
Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert.

Sears chairman Eddie Lampert has a net worth of $1 billion — from a $130 million yacht to a home on ‘billionaire bunker’ island, her...

Sears chairman Eddie Lampert was kidnapped in 2003, and after being held captive for 30 hours, he managed to negotiate his way to freedom.

Sears and Kmart employees aren’t necessarily out of luck when it comes to receiving severance — but it all depends on timing

Sears and Kmart, both part of Sears Holdings, are in jeopardy of liquidating soon — here's what that means for workers' severance.