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Zoom’s CEO apologizes for its many security issues as daily users balloon to 200 million

Zoom has exploded in popularity, going from 10 million daily users in December to 200 million in March.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, listens as President Donald Trump answers questions during the coronavirus task force daily briefing at the White House in Washington, DC, March 25, 2020.

Health officials have reportedly increased security for White House coronavirus expert Dr. Fauci after threats

Anthony Fauci has become one of the most public faces of the White House coronavirus response team, which seems to have attracted unwanted attention.
Vice President Mike Pence

The CDC will set up a coronavirus ‘surveillance and data collection system’ as part of the $2 trillion stimulus bill, which President Trum...

Tracking the spread of the virus will be a balancing act for the CDC, which will have to navigate privacy laws as it expands its surveillance.

Thousands of spring breakers traveled from one Florida beach to cities across the US. Mapping their phone data shows the importance of social distanci...

Roughly 5,000 phones traveled from one Fort Lauderdale beach to cities spanning the eastern US, including New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Houston.

The FBI is promoting an at-home exercise app that also tracks your phone’s location and data

The FBI suggested that people stuck indoors during the coronavirus pandemic download its workout app, but users questioned why it collected so much data.

Working from home? Here are the steps all workers and companies should take to avoid cyberattacks, according to experts

The increase in web apps used by companies for online work and virtual meetings will inflate hackers' potential targets.
Johns Hopkins University maintains a coronavirus dashboard that's one of several safe options for keeping up with the spread of the virus.

Hackers are using these fake coronavirus maps to give people malware

Cybersecurity researchers have identified several fake COVID-19 tracker maps that infect people's computers with malware when opened.
TSA administrator David P. Pekoske.

The head of the TSA said it was a ‘good decision’ to not provide healthcare to part-time employees

TSA Administrator David Pekoske spoke at a congressional hearing after 3 officers tested positive for COVID-19 in San Jose, California.

The Israeli spyware firm accused of hacking WhatsApp is now claiming Facebook disregarded international law as the legal battle between the 2 companie...

Facebook is suing NSO Group for allegedly exploiting WhatsApp in order to carry out mass surveillance.

Google faces backlash from privacy activists for gathering people’s health data from hospitals across the country to build its algorithms

Google now faces a lawsuit that alleges the company can identify patients using the health data from hospitals, breaching privacy laws.