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Tesla is taking direct aim at Uber and Lyft with claims it plans to roll out 1 million robo-taxis by next year — but the plan was lacking detail...

Tesla is taking on Uber and Lyft in a big way with its plans to roll out an autonomous ride-hailing fleet.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla’s biggest challenge with full-self-driving technology is obvious

Tesla's full-self-driving technology is aiming to replicate human cognition at vast scale.
Zoox CEO Aicha Evans.

Zoox CEO Aicha Evans reveals what will set the company’s electric, self-driving cars apart from the rest

Zoox is developing an autonomous ride-hailing service that it plans to launch in 2020.
Aurora was founded two years ago by former executives from Google, Tesla, and Uber.

Amazon just invested in a secretive self-driving car startup lead by former Tesla, Uber, and Google executives

Amazon has made a "significant investment" in secretive self-driving car startup, Aurora.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla slides after report says Amazon has invested in a self-driving startup

Tesla shares made session lows after a report said Amazon has invested in the self-driving startup Aurora Innovation.
Close-up of self driving minivan, with LIDAR and other sensor units and logo visible, part of Google parent company Alphabet Inc, driving past historic railroad station with sign reading Mountain View, in the Silicon Valley town of Mountain View, California, with safety driver visible, October 28, 2018

Self-driving cars could be great for the tire industry

Autonomous services could expand the number of fleet-owned-and-operated vehicles.Those fleets could need new tires much more often.
Cruise' Dan Kan, Kyle Vogt, and Dan Ammann.

GM’s CEO Mary Barra just shared some interesting insight into how the company’s self-driving division is run

Wall Street has been concerned about GM's Cruise division struggling to launch commercially in 2019. CEO Mary Barra tried to ease those worries.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Another Apple employee from China has been charged with stealing self-driving-car secrets

A recently unsealed FBI affidavit accused a Chinese national named Jizhong Chen of taking more than 2,000 files containing Apple proprietary Apple material.

Apple laid off 200 people from its self-driving car unit Project Titan

An Apple spokesperson said that groups have been moved to other departments in the company, rather than being fully dismissed.
Intel's Mobileye is partnering with the Beijing Public Transport Corporation.

Intel’s Mobileye is taking its ready-to-go self-driving technology to China to solve public-transit problems

Intel's Mobileye will partner with the Beijing Public Transport Corporation to bring autonomous mobility to that city's residents.