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Neuroscience led James Stout to computer science, which led to Google and Waymo.

A Waymo engineer told us why a virtual-world simulation is crucial to the future of self-driving cars

James Stout was convinced that he'd become a neuroscientist, but a shift to computer science led him to Google and later Waymo, where he works on the company's virtual-realty testing simulation, Carcraft.
Stephanie Villegas at Castle.

A Waymo employee reveals how the company is putting their self-driving cars to the test

Stephanie Villegas is a googler who studied art before going to work for the Google Car project, now Waymo. She helped located unused real estate at a former US Air Force base in California to transform into a massive proving ground for self-driving vehicles.

Waymo could be worth $175 billion — here’s the history of the Google Car project

Waymo, formerly the Google Car project, is almost ten years old. After more than 8 million self-driving miles, Waymo is preparing to commercialize in 2018 and 2019. Morgan Stanley has pegged Waymo's value at $175 billion.
A self-driving Ford vehicle.

Ford is taking on Waymo and GM’s Cruise by creating its own standalone self-driving division

Ford announced on Tuesday that it will create a separate division to manage its self-driving efforts. As with GM and its Cruise division, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC will be able to court outside investment.
A Jaguar I-PACE being tested by Waymo.

The first all-electric Jaguar I-PACE SUVs in the US are now part of Waymo’s test fleet

The Jaguar I-PACEs will be used for testing, prior to the all-electric vehicle being outfitted with Waymo's self-driving technology and launched in a ride-hailing service in 2020. Waymo expects 20,000 I-PACEs to join its fleet.

Uber is hiring dozens of ‘mission specialists’ to help relaunch its autonomous vehicle program after deadly Arizona crash

Uber says it's replacing a fleet of drivers who had been charged with monitoring its self-driving cars. The new group will consist of 55 "mission specialists" who will provide technical feedback to developers. The move comes months after an Uber self-driving vehicle killed a pedestrian in Arizona.
Daimler is Mercedes-Benz's parent company.

Mercedes parent company will start testing an Uber-like service using self-driving cars in California next year

Daimler will launch an autonomous ride-hailing service in California during the second half of 2019, the company announced on Wednesday. The ride-hailing service will be free for users during its pilot phase, a Daimler representative confirmed.

GM’s $2 billion deal with a Japanese tech giant may give the automaker a big advantage in the race to develop self-driving cars

The deal has given GM equity value that it can use to attract new talent. Cruise has grown dramatically since GM bought it in 2016; what started as a 40-employee startup now has 800 people working it. GM President Dan Ammann said that another leg of significant growth is on the way.

The self-driving Uber car that killed a pedestrian was not designed to automatically brake in an emergency: NTSB report

The car registered the pedestrian six seconds before impact, the report says, but relied on the operator to manually brake.
Volkswagen Transporter

Apple teams up with Volkswagen to make a fleet of self-driving passenger vans

The partnership between Apple and Volkswagen is seen by some as bittersweet for the consumer-electronics giant, which had higher hopes for its self-driving car project when it first launched in 2014.