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Roughly half of all Americans expect self-driving cars to become the norm within the next 10 years

There are a number of obstacles to overcome, but Americans are all too familiar with the amount of effort being put towards normalizing self-driving cars.

The real reason we get freaked out by self-driving car accidents

There's an extra level of discomfort when an accident is caused by a robot car controlled by AI and algorithms instead of a human.

Public worries about self-driving cars are spiking after a pedestrian was killed by a robo-car

More and more people believe that self-driving cars are less safe than vehicles operated by a human being.
Interior view of the Uber self driving car before the fatal traffic accident

Uber’s fatal self-driving car accident is the reason why we don’t let companies make their own rules

Uber's self-driving car group was overjoyed by Arizona's hands-off approach to regulation. Maybe the company would have been better off with more rules.

Nvidia nosedives after report it will halt self-driving car tests

The news came as Nvidia's CEO was on stage at the company's annual GPU conference.

Uber employees were reportedly panicking to give their new CEO a glitch-free ride before fatal self-driving crash

Uber's self-driving vehicles were having trouble meeting internal goals before last week's fatal accident, according to The New York Times.
Toyota had been testing self-driving technology through the Toyota Research Institute.

Toyota will temporarily stop its self-driving-car tests after fatal autonomous Uber accident

Toyota will pause its tests of the fully autonomous Chauffeur system in California and Michigan.

Self-driving cars could face a ‘huge setback’ after the tragic death of a woman struck by an autonomous Uber

Monday's accident will make it harder for Uber, Waymo, and GM to launch autonomous ride-hailing services.