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Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst says her husband abused her and she was raped in college

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa said she was raped in college and physically abused by her ex-husband of 26 years.
A demonstrator dressed as Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman with blood on his hands protests with others outside the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC, on October 8, 2018.

Senators are now confident that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was ‘complicit’ in Jamal Khashoggi’s murder

Senators across party lines introduced a measure to hold the crown prince accountable for a number of human rights abuses.
Jim Dabakis trying marijuana for the first time.

A Utah lawmaker tried marijuana for the first time and said others should give it a try before telling anti-marijuana advocates to ‘mellow out&#...

Utah Democratic State Sen. Jim Dabakis traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, where marijuana is legal, to film himself trying the drug for the first time.
Sen. Al Franken on Capitol Hill.

Al Franken makes a new apology amid sexual-harassment allegations

Sen. Al Franken released a new statement on Thursday apologizing to the women who recently accused him of sexual harassment and to any others he had offended.

Rand Paul’s neighbor pleaded not guilty to assault amid widening questions about what led to the attack

Republican Sen. Rand Paul's next-door neighborhood pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges that he assaulted the Kentucky lawmaker.

Republicans hired a mariachi band to harass ‘Mexico Joe’ Donnelly at Indiana Senate race campaign stop

In what is gearing up to be an eventful and contentious senate race in Indiana, a mariachi band has been added to the mix.

GOP senator apologizes for racially charged attack on opponent during debate

Mark Kirk: "I’d forgotten that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington.”