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Seraphina Galante

3 million senior citizens in the US are still paying off their student loans

Americans aged 60 and older owe more than $86 billion in unpaid student loans, according to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) data.
Fast food chains are recruiting at churches and through AARP.

Forget teenagers: Fast food joints across the US are hiring senior citizens, and it’s thanks to 2 major demographic trends

Fast food chains across the US are hiring senior citizens instead of teenagers, thanks to a shortage of workers and the fact that more Americans are working past age 65.
They visited the Golden Temple.

A pilot from India gave back to his village by taking 22 of its senior citizens on a plane ride

After he became a pilot, Vikas Jyani made sure that 22 residents from his village — ages 70 and up — got to experience the magic of flying. The group traveled from from New Delhi to Amritsar and Golden Temple to the Wagah Border.

Loneliness is deadlier than obesity or smoking — and Britain just took a major step toward prevention

Britain has appointed a new minister of loneliness to battle the ongoing epidemic of loneliness afflicting senior citizens.

IBM wants to protect senior citizens by tracking nearly their every move

A leading mission of telecomputing giant IBM is ensuring aging baby boomers are cared for at all hours of the day.

Japanese people who can’t afford elder care are reviving a practice known as ‘granny dumping’

Japan has seen demographic and economic woes for the better part of the last decade, and an unsettling side-effect is making a revival.

Japan’s elderly account for 20% of all crime — and it’s turning prisons into nursing homes

In 2005, only 5.8% of crimes in Japan were committed by people over 65. Today, the rate is as high as 20%, and it's causing prisons to take on new duties.

Japanese people are living so long that the country’s definition of ‘elderly’ could change

Japanese senior citizens are living so long, many past age 100, that one group says the definition of "elderly' needs to change.