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Trump tried to flex by asking a reporter about the population of Seoul. Then he got it wrong by 28 million.

After trying to steamroll a reporter by asking, "Do you know how many people are in Seoul?" Trump overshot the South Korean capital's population.
United Airlines flight attendants in San Francisco International Airport.

6 US airlines are canceling flights to global destinations outside of China as coronavirus spreads — here’s the list

US airlines are axing flights to numerous destinations in South Korea, Italy, and Japan as coronavirus continues to spread around the world.
Lee Man-hee, the founder and spiritual leader of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, bows in apology during a press conference at a church facility in Gapyeong on March 2, 2020.

The leader of a fringe religious sect at the center of South Korea’s coronavirus outbreak has apologized as Seoul’s mayor files a lawsuit ...

Calling Shincheonji's leader the "chief director of this crisis," Seoul's mayor pushed for a "rigorous investigation" and "strict punishment."
A Korean Air employee.

Korean Air flight attendant with coronavirus reportedly serviced 400-seat aircraft that flew between South Korea and US twice — here’s the...

The employee returned to Seoul and reportedly worked flights to the US after working a flight to Israel that was later linked to cases of the virus.
The Double Down lives on at KFC locations in South Korea.

I’ve been in Korea for 10 days and have already been to KFC 3 times. Here’s what makes it so special here compared to the US.

In South Korea, you can order beer, the infamous Double Down, and chicken gizzards at KFC. So, I kept going back for more.
Seoul's subway system is a public transportation star.

I rode Seoul’s famous subway system for a week to see if it’s really the best in the world, and saw why New York will never catch up

Seoul's subway beats New York City's on value, cleanliness, timeliness, and pretty much every other measurable factor.
I visited Seoul, South Korea, for the first time as the world deals with the spread of the coronavirus.

I was traveling in South Korea as the coronavirus struck, and I was amazed at how the country sprang into action

I was struck by the ubiquity of signs on how to prevent the spread of the virus in Seoul, as well as the dominance of surgical masks.

PHOTOS: Here’s how PM Lee and Ho Ching spent 48hrs in Seoul, including eating Korean-made bak kwa and doing a new couple pose

Need a 2-day itinerary for Seoul this December? You can walk in Mr and Mrs Lee's footsteps - right down to that couple pose.
The Michelin Guide launched in Seoul for 2017.

A South Korean chef is suing the ‘corrupt’ Michelin Guide for including his restaurant after he asked it not to

Eo Yun-gwon, who runs Italian establishment Ristorante Eo, said he is taking action using the country's law against public insult, according to CNN.

These are the most expensive cities in the world in 2019

The most expensive cities in the world, as ranked by The Economist Intelligence Unit, are primarily in Europe and Asia.