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"The Office"

A Russian shipping giant, a Venezuelan tycoon, and a British litigation financier are battling in court over alleged swapping of secret documents for ...

Novoship has accused a Burford Capital executive of trading sensitive files for a sex tape related to Floridian oil billionaire Harry Sargeant III.

‘My loyalty has its limits’, Azmin says after investigation results, while Anwar claims the pair are ‘still a team’

"I am confident, from the very start, that it was the work of internal politics."

‘Please reflect on his own face’: Azmin hits back at Anwar for saying he should resign if he is identified in sex tapes

Former PM Najib Razak also posted a photo of a mirror on Facebook in reference to Azmin's comment.
Hillary Clinton

A Russian troll factory pushed a fake Hillary Clinton sex tape on Reddit

A Reddit video that falsely claimed to show Hillary Clinton having sex has been traced back to an account linked to Russia’ Internet Research Agency.

PETER THIEL ON GAWKER: ‘If I didn’t do something, nobody would’

“It's less about revenge and more about specific deterrence."

Gawker’s Nick Denton read an account of Hulk Hogan’s sex tape in court and it is very graphic

Nick Denton said he had neither seen the video nor read the accompanying article before publication.
50 Cent is leaving Instagram, he announced in a post on Wednesday.

50 Cent just announced he’s leaving Instagram, where he has 18 million followers, because the site removed his content without telling him

The rapper 50 Cent is a major influencer on Instagram. But now he says he's leaving Instagram because the photo-based social network removed content from his account without warning him.