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Strippers, dominatrixes, and sex workers are being left out of a major US coronavirus relief package

Strippers, dominatrices, and other sex workers who rely on in-person business are losing money. The government won't provide them small-business aid.

How a sugar baby is handling the coronavirus pandemic, with an immunocompromised client and city-wide lockdowns

A New Orleans-based undergraduate who pays the majority of her bills by sugaring explains how the coronavirus is affecting her business.

A small-town stripper left her club during the coronavirus pandemic because ‘you can’t really escape’ having to do lap dances

Like the service industry workers, strippers are having to make hard decisions to leave their club jobs or risk exposure to the coronavirus.

Sex workers are being hit hard by coronavirus fears, but say they are much better at keeping things clean than the general public

"How do you do social distancing when your salary dependent on socializing," Sherae Lascelles, founder of POC Sex Worker Outreach Program, said.

Porn sites are peddling coronavirus-themed porn — and a lot of it is racist

As anxiety around COVID-19 spreads worldwide, some adult entertainers are capitalizing on the hype. Some are using Asian stereotypes to get clicks.
Melissa Petro and her family.

10 years ago, Michael Bloomberg called for my removal as a teacher because of my past in sex work — and I’m just one example of why discri...

A truly progressive presidential candidate "will embrace a woman's totality, even — and especially — when it includes sex work," Melissa Petro says.

Here’s how working in the sex industry prepared me to be a wife and mother

Melissa Petro used to be a sex worker — and later lost her job as a teacher because of it. But the experience became a great education in motherhood.
Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. accuses the left of ‘trying to normalize’ sex work even though a porn star alleged she had an affair with President Trump...

Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, slammed the left while re-tweeting a Teen Vogue op-ed calling for the decriminalization of sex work.

Over 200,000 men in Singapore are having sex with other men, NUS study on HIV risk estimates

This is over double of the previous projection of 90,000 individuals.