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It's possible the impersonal nature of dating apps has led to more unprotected sex.

STD rates in Hawaii are the highest in 30 years, and officials blame dating apps

While online dating may make it easier to meet more partners, there's no proof people are having more sex or more unprotected sex.
Hims' ad was approved by the MTA; Dame's ad was not.

Facebook and the MTA don’t allow ads featuring sex toys. These two sex-tech startups are pushing it to change that.

A phallic cactus advertising a men's wellness company? MTA approved. A hand holding a vibrator made by a women's wellness company? Not MTA approved.
Protesters outside of Facebook's New York Office.

SexTech startups are protesting outside of Facebook’s offices, claiming the social network bars them from running ads

Dame Products and Unbound — women's wellness startups that sell vibrators — say Facebook doesn't allow them to run ads.

The first clinical trial of a male contraceptive gel is starting in the UK, and it could mean an alternative to the pill

The trial requires couples to use the gel — which is rubbed into the shoulders and chest — as their only form of contraception for 12 months.
When she landed, her genitals hit the jet ski's handlebars.

A woman needed surgery after a jet ski accident caused her genital area to fill with blood

After a jet ski accident where a woman landed genitals-first on the vehicle, she bled internally and needed surgery to get blood out of her vagina.
The United Nations Security Council meets at U.N. headquarters, April 23, 2019 in New York City. Member nations of the Security Council are considering a resolution concerning sexual violence in conflict, which would classify rape as a weapon of war.

The US removed ‘sexual health’ language from a UN anti-rape resolution, the latest example of America’s shifting global priorities

The US used a veto threat to remove language on sexual health in a UN anti-rape resolution, the latest example of the US's shifting global priorities.
Women are now being sold tampon-shaped speakers to insert into their vaginas.

People are putting tampon-shaped speakers in their vaginas so their unborn babies can hear music

Babypod, a tampon-shaped speaker, is intended to help fetuses hear music.

9 things that can make your birth control methods less effective

Whether you use condoms or take birth control pills, there are a lot of things that can make your birth control methods less effective.
If you have painful sex, it doesn't mean your vagina is being stretched out too much, but it could mean you need more lubrication.

Sex won’t permanently loosen your vagina no matter how often you have it, but 2 other factors can

Regardless of how often you ave sex, or who you have sex with, you can't permanently stretch your vagina, according to a gynecologist.
Safe sex is important for your reproductive health.

7 common infections that can be caused by sex

Most people are aware that you can contract STIs through sex, but here are seven common infections that you need to look out for.