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T.I. recently said he attends his daughter's annual gynecologist appointments.

T.I. defended his efforts to ensure his daughter hasn’t had sex, but his method is medically flawed

Experts know there are ways to tear your hymen without having sex, and some women aren't even born with hymens.
My visit to London's Vagina Museum.

I visited the world’s first Vagina Museum, and the gift shop was the highlight

The Vagina Museum was crowdfunded into existence in 2017 when more than 1,000 members of the public donated almost £50,000 ($65,000).
On "Broad City," sex therapist Betty helped Ilana when she couldn't orgasm.

Most women don’t orgasm consistently, and it may be because they can’t quiet their minds

A new study found that most women report trouble climaxing because their racing thoughts prevent them from relaxing and enjoying the pleasure.
The study authors hope their findings will underscore the need for more human genitalia-focused lessons in sexual education.

People think surgically altered labia look more ‘normal’ than natural labia

A new study suggests people have misunderstandings about what the labia, or "lips" of the vulva, are supposed to look like.
In her book "The Vagina Bible," social-media savvy gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter aims to debunk all of the vagina-related myths she's encountered during her over two decades as a women's health provider.

6 harmful vagina myths that need to die, according to a gynecologist

Jen Gunter, author of "The Vagina Bible," wrote that the G-spot isn't likely a thing and that "natural" feminine hygiene products are unnecessary.
It's not illegal to take an explicit selfie. But sharing nude images of someone is a crime in nearly every state.

Rep. Katie Hill resigned because of revenge porn. Experts say it’s just a high-tech version of victim-blaming.

The problem with "revenge porn" is that it focuses on the photos, not the crime of sharing them for exploitation or blackmail.
Gynecologists have warned about the dangers of douches for decades.

Douching monthly could add a chemical found in cigarette smoke and rubber to your blood

It's unclear whether the chemical leads to long-term health risks in humans, but the findings reinforce doctors' warnings against douching.
Even evidence-based curriculums leave room for misunderstanding.

7 ‘facts’ you learned about sex growing up that aren’t actually true

No, having unprotected sex doesn't guarantee pregnancy, and no, sex won't inevitably cause women to "catch feelings."
It's possible the impersonal nature of dating apps has led to more unprotected sex.

STD rates in Hawaii are the highest in 30 years, and officials blame dating apps

While online dating may make it easier to meet more partners, there's no proof people are having more sex or more unprotected sex.
Hims' ad was approved by the MTA; Dame's ad was not.

Facebook and the MTA don’t allow ads featuring sex toys. These two sex-tech startups are pushing it to change that.

A phallic cactus advertising a men's wellness company? MTA approved. A hand holding a vibrator made by a women's wellness company? Not MTA approved.