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NUS president says new sanctions against sexual misconduct are separate and in addition to criminal proceedings

A survey found that students deemed severity and pattern of behaviour as key factors for determining sanctions

NUS accepts 10 recommendations on dealing with sexual misconduct – including a minimum 1-year suspension for serious cases

NUS just agreed to improve its support framework for victims and implement stricter punishments for offenders.
Tony Robbins discusses his book "Unshakeable" at a 2017 event.

A book Tony Robbins was working on has been pulled by the publisher amid sexual misconduct allegations

Simon & Schuster has canceled Tony Robbin's book as BuzzFeed News revealed that he'd been accused of sexual misconduct and berating abuse victims.

After shocking audio of Tony Robbins berating a woman was released, 4 more women have come forward to accuse the self-help guru of sexual misconduct

Tony Robbins has been accused of sexual misconduct by four more women. They came forward after BuzzFeed News published a year-long investigation.
Japanese woman in the metro station

Women in Japan are downloading Digi Police, the country’s anti-groping app, in record numbers

Digi Police, a free smartphone app created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, is aimed specifically at protecting victims of sexual misconduct.
Jonathan Cornelissen, cofounder & CEO of DataCamp.

The CEO of DataCamp is leaving his role ‘indefinitely’ after a sexual misconduct allegation from a former employee came to light

DataCamp CEO and cofounder Jonathan Cornelissen said he was "deeply sorry," and said he would step down "indefinitely."
Google employees all around the world abandoned their desks in protest on Thursday.

Two Google employees who spearheaded the walkout against sexual misconduct say the company has retaliated and demoted them

Two of the women behind last year's protest wrote in an internal email that they were retaliated against, Wired reports.

A model created an app to connect models with free stuff, and she says it’s a way to make the industry safer

Neon Coats offers agented models free or heavily discounted experiences, in the hopes that they will document those businesses on social media.

Michael Jackson’s music has been banned from some radio stations around the world amid backlash over the ‘Leaving Neverland’ documen...

Dozens of radio stations in Canada and New Zealand, including the public broadcaster RNZ, pulled the music following backlash over the film.
By leaving the restaurant group, Batali ends his 20-year relationship with the Bastianich family. Matriarch Lidia is pictured center flaked by son Joe, right, and daughter Tanya Bastianich Manuali, left.

Celebrity chef Mario Batali has officially left his restaurant group a year after several women accused him of sexual misconduct

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that Batali has sold all of his shares in the restaurant group he co-founded, Batali & Bastianich.