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Marcia Cross said she decided to publicly share her diagnosis and new HPV information in order to destigmatize anal cancer.

Marcia Cross says her anal cancer may have come from the same strain of HPV that caused her husband’s throat cancer. Here’s how that’...

Marcia Cross is fighting the stigma associated with anal cancer. The HPV vaccine can prevent more than 90 percent of related cancers, including anal.
Health startup Nurx will soon start selling tests and treatments for sexually-transmitted infections.

A $111 million health startup dubbed the ‘Uber for birth control’ is expanding into a sensitive new area: sexually-transmitted infections

There have been large and consistent increases in sexually-transmitted diseases in recent years, with almost 2.3 million cases in 2017.
Drug-resistant Neisseria gonorrhea bacteria are responsible for 820,000 gonococcal infections in the US per year.

There’s evidence that French kissing could lead to throat gonorrhea, and it’s hard to protect yourself from the risk

A new study found that men can get throat gonorrhea through kissing with their tongue, or "French kissing."
Don't reuse condoms. Seriously.

The CDC is warning people to stop reusing and washing condoms — here’s why it’s dangerous

Condoms are rendered completely ineffective after one use — meaning that you should throw them directly in the trash, rather than washing and reusing them, the CDC says.

More illnesses could be sexually transmitted than we thought — including the common cold

CDC researchers found the genetic material for 27 viruses in human semen, and they suspect there may be many more.

3 more women in the US tested positive for Zika, but they probably didn’t get it from mosquitoes

Their "only known risk factor" was a male partner who'd traveled to an area with an active Zika outbreak.