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YouTube star Shane Dawson proposed to his boyfriend days after apologizing for joking about sexually assaulting his pet cat

YouTube star Shane Dawson proposed to Ryland Adams. Dawson's engagement comes after he apologized for saying he sexually assaulted his cat.
Shane Dawson.

‘I f—ing hate myself’: Shane Dawson apologized for joking about sexually assaulting his cat

Shane Dawson, a popular YouTube star, apologized for saying he sexually assaulted his cat, saying it was a false story he told for shock value.
Shane Dawson at a Chuck E. Cheese's in Los Angeles.

Chuck E. Cheese’s denies YouTuber Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory that it re-uses uneaten pizza slices from other customers

YouTube Shane Dawson suggested that Chuck E. Cheese's serves leftover slices to other customers, but the chain says it's false.
Jake Paul in front of his Team 10 mansion.

Jake Paul’s girlfriend says he lives with all of his assistants because ‘he doesn’t do well with being alone’

YouTube celebrity Jake Paul lives in a mansion with assistants as well as other "Team 10" members. His girlfriend and coworker, Erika Costell, saysit's an enormous amount of pressure to live with a group of people who depend on him for their livelihoods.
Nick Crompton in Shane Dawson's documentary.

‘It’s all fake’: A former member of Jake Paul’s gang reveals Paul’s violent, aggressive stunts are hoaxes

Many of Jake Paul's pranks and stunts on YouTube are fake, Nick Crompton, the former chief operating officer of Team 10, told YouTuber Shane Dawson. He said the defection of the Martinez Twins was staged and confirmed rumors that he left Team 10 because Paul's father meddled in the group's affairs.
Shane Dawson and Jake Paul.

Shane Dawson’s documentary on Jake Paul and sociopaths is being criticized for looking like a ‘horror movie’

The second episode of Shane Dawson's documentary about Jake Paul raises the question of whether the YouTube star — and other influencers — have mental disorders. The direction is being criticized by fans, as is its horror movie-like tone.