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Democratic presidential hopeful US entrepreneur Andrew Yang makes his way through the spin room after the second round of the second Democratic primary debate in July.

Andrew Yang’s Asian jokes may be popular at political debates, but they aren’t going over well in the Asian-American community

Democratic 2020 presidential nominee Andrew Yang often makes jokes about his Asian-American identity. They don't always land.
Shane Gillis recently came under fire after people noticed he used insensitive language on his podcast.

Shane Gillis responds to being booted from ‘SNL’ after making racist remarks: ‘I understand it would be too much of a distraction...

The comedian came under fire after people noticed he used racial slurs and mocked immigrants during episodes of his podcast.

Andrew Yang denounces new ‘SNL’ cast member’s racist comments but says he shouldn’t be fired

"Saturday Night Live" announced Thursday it hired Shane Gillis, whose recent racial slurs and disparaging remarks about Asians quickly drew backlash.