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Chicago's Willis Tower, formerly the Sears Tower.

Most of those weird, twisting sides and gaping holes you see on skyscrapers aren’t decorative — here’s what they actually do

Many design elements associated with modern skyscrapers — twisting sides, tapered pointy tops, random gaping holes — aren't about aesthetics.
Smoke can be seen pouring from the Tesla moments before it bursts into flames

Tesla is investigating why a Model S appeared to explode in a Shanghai parking garage

Video on Weibo showed the parked car smoking before bursting into flames.
Some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world are surprisingly affordable to visit this spring.

9 surprisingly affordable luxury vacations you can take this spring

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, including Paris and Shanghai, are surprisingly affordable to visit this spring.
Dark clouds pass over downtown Miami.

Scientists say these 10 major cities could become unlivable within 80 years

Some of the world's most popular cities could experience unbearable living conditions because of climate change.
Elon Musk speaks at the groundbreaking for its Shanghai Gigafactory

Tesla has officially launched the Model 3 in China — and says a cheaper version is on the way

The cheaper option is still more expensive than the same version in the US, where it's made.
Elon Musk speaks to Kanka News during his trip to Shanghai this week

Elon Musk urges potential Tesla buyers in China to order cars now to fund the new Gigafactory

"We need to sell cars today in order to build the factory tomorrow," the Tesla CEO told a Chinese media outlet.
A Tesla logo is seen at a groundbreaking ceremony of Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory in Shanghai, China.

Tesla is rallying after breaking ground on its Shanghai Gigafactory

Tesla shares rallied early Monday after the electric-car maker kicked off the construction of its Gigfactory in Shanghai, China.
The hotel officially opened on December 1.

Inside China’s new underground hotel that’s built in a quarry and has underwater rooms

The resort, which took 10 years to build, is located inside a quarry roughly 20 minutes outside of Shanghai.