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A food delivery worker in Wuhan.

Photo shows an extraordinarily overloaded Chinese worker delivering massive amounts of food because no one wants to go outside and risk catching coron...

A striking photo captured by a photographer in China shows the struggle of living under fear of contracting the coronavirus.
Hong Kong is the world's most expensive city to live a high-end lifestyle.

The 15 cities where it’s most expensive to live a high-end lifestyle, from buying prime real estate to hiring a personal trainer

Julius Baer surveyed 28 cities, looking at the cost of luxury real estate, designer clothing, fine dining, personal trainers, and boarding school.

These 12 Twitter posts show the insane queues for masks in Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong, which are all sold out

Some queues lasted four hours, with people still walking away empty-handed.

Disney drops 3% after Wuhan coronavirus forces closure of Shanghai and Hong Kong theme parks

The closures are badly timed for Disney, as protests in Hong Kong and weaker consumer confidence have hit both parks in recent months.
These New York City-themed sneakers are meant to resemble the uniforms of the city's fire department.

Nike made sneakers that represent iconic jobs in major cities like New York and London. Here’s what they look like.

The shoes represent major cities and the professions that support them. The New York City shoe is designed to look like the uniform of a firefighter.
A cityscape of Hong Kong is see from the Peak on August 8, 2000, moments after sunset.

Here’s why one stock is 5 times more expensive in Shanghai than it is in Hong Kong

The phenomenon is known as the "A-to-H premium," a price gap unique to China and Hong Kong. Each market boasts vastly different trading behavior.
Elon Musk dances outside Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory.

Elon Musk did a dad-dance striptease on stage at Tesla’s new Shanghai Gigafactory

The longstanding Tesla chief described footage of his questionable dance moves as "NSFW" on Twitter.
Max Lee is reportedly known for his pranks.

A Taiwanese YouTuber was reportedly charged with indecent conduct after he spent the night in an Ikea, where he undressed and pretended to shower and ...

Max Lee stayed the night in the Sinjhuang branch of Ikea and was caught by employees the following morning.
Dark clouds pass over downtown Miami.

Scientists say these 11 major cities could become unlivable within 80 years

Some of the world's most popular cities could experience unbearable living conditions because of climate change.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to have a Twitter problem.

Elon Musk says humans communicate so slowly with computers that it will sound like whale speech to future AI

There's a big problem with how human beings communicate data: They're simply nowhere near as fast as computers.