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Zoom sued by shareholder accusing it of covering up its security flaws

The videoconferencing service Zoom has become embroiled in multiple security-related controversies over the past few weeks.

One of Yelp’s biggest investors says its patience has ‘worn out,’ and is urging management to make changes or sell the company

One of Yelp's biggest shareholders urged management to refresh its Board of Directors to create significant value for investors.
People walk through the lobby of the London Stock Exchange in London.

Dividend payouts from UK listed companies are set to reach a record £94 billion this year

Capita's Dividend Monitor recorded a record third quarter for the year, driven by rises in payouts from mining companies and special dividends.

Advisers are telling investors to go scorched earth on the company that makes EpiPen

Shareholder advocacy groups are telling Mylan investors to show no mercy with the board at an upcoming shareholder meeting.

There’s something worrying going on in corporate America

The idea was to make it easier for investors to challenge corporate boards.