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A photograph of a tiger shark taken off Grand Bahama Island in the Caribbean. This is not the shark that attacked off Réunion Island.

The severed hand and wedding ring of a missing tourist have been found inside a tiger shark in the Indian Ocean

A 44-year-old British tourist went missing after going swimming alone in Hermitage Lagoon, off Réunion Island, last weekend.
One of two British tourists being airlifted to hospital after being attacked by a shark in northeastern Australia on Tuesday. It's not entirely clear which tourist is pictured.

A British tourist had his foot bitten off by a shark while snorkeling off the coast of Australia

28-year-old Alistair Raddon and another tourist were "wrestling and thrashing about in the water" during the attack near Airlie Beach, Queensland.
It's the 11th reported shark bite this year in New Smyrna Beach.

A Florida surfer caught a wave and crash landed onto a shark that bit him

Donald Walsh, a chiropractor from Florida, caught a wave while surfing and landed on a shark. It's the 11th shark bite reported in the area this year.
Officials believe the woman was attacked by a black-tip reef shark.

A shark attacked a woman in Hawaii, and authorities are warning it’s ‘still in the area’

A 27-year-old woman was bitten twice by a shark while swimming on Tuesday. She is reportedly recovering and in "good health."
The hammerhead shark trying to take the tarpon fish.

Wild video shows a ‘monster’ hammerhead shark stealing a 180-pound fish straight out of a fisherman’s hands

The Tampa Bay, Florida, fisherman said he and his crew tried to unhook the tarpon fish to give it a chance to escape, but the shark ultimately scarfed it down.
A shark is seen swimming in the waters off Longnook Beach on Cape Cod on Thursday.

10 sharks have been spotted off Cape Cod in the last 2 days, and helicopter footage shows just how close they’re swimming to shore

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy warns that August through October are the "peak" months for shark activity off the Cape.
New Smyrna Beach, Florida, as seen from above when there wasn't a shark in the water.

A Florida dad’s chilling drone photo shows a shark beneath the water swimming toward his kids

A Florida dad flew a drone over his children in the water to take photos. But he quickly noticed the dark outline of a shark lurking near the kids.
Jordan Lindsey.

A 21-year-old American woman was killed by sharks while snorkeling in the Bahamas

Jordan Lindsey, of Torrance, California, was snorkeling near Rose Island when she was attacked, the Royal Bahamas Police Force said.

An 8-year-old boy is believed to be the third shark attack victim in North Carolina this month

The boy was in the ocean at Bald Head Island on Sunday at around 4 p.m. when a shark grabbed his leg, village manager Chris McCall said.
Paige Winter's dad, Charlie, saved his daughter's life when she was being attacked by a shark.

A North Carolina dad ‘punched’ a shark in the nose to defend his daughter from an attack

Paige Winter's dad, Charlie, saved his daughter's life when she was being attacked by a shark.