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Starbucks' holiday cups have returned.

11 years of Starbucks holiday cups reveal how the coffee giant’s iconic red cup has transformed

We rounded up 11 years of Starbucks holiday cups to see how the iconic red cup has evolved over the years.
Lady Gaga had numerous career highlights over the past decade.

Lady Gaga is the artist of the decade

Insider is reminiscing about the past 10 years of musical greats with a series of essays dedicated to the artists who inspired fans this decade.

Ballon d’Or voting shows how much Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have dominated the world of football for the last 13 years

Ronaldo and Messe have won 11 of the last 13 Ballon d'Or awards. They have also finished second 11 times in those 13 years.

You can now officially purchase legal marijuana in Michigan. Here are all the states where marijuana is legal.

Michigan just started legal marijuana sales. Marijuana is legal for adults over the age of 21 in 11 states; medical marijuana is legal in 33.
When it comes to holiday shopping, Cyber Monday is a winner.

Rich people prefer Cyber Monday to Black Friday, and it’s changing the entire holiday shopping season

Nearly 65% of survey participants from households that earn over $100,000 a year said they preferred Cyber Monday.

Americans would rather talk about literally almost anything else than Trump this Thanksgiving, and the numbers prove it

President Trump came in tied for last out of all Thanksgiving conversation topics, according to a new Insider poll.
Black Friday is almost here.

Charts reveal how the internet has changed Black Friday forever

Business Insider teamed up with Morning Consult to conduct a nationwide survey of American shopping habits during the holiday season.

The most Googled Thanksgiving recipe in every state

People from Louisiana are Googling cornbread dressing, while those from Iowa are searching for salad recipes.

Impeachment crushed Nixon’s approval ratings, but Clinton emerged unscathed. Here’s how Trump could survive, too.

Historical approval ratings show that if President Donald Trump follows Bill Clinton's playbook, he could emerge from impeachment scot-free.
Workers remove a sign from the outside of a Sears department store.

One chart shows how far Sears has fallen from its status as the world’s largest retailer

Sears has closed more than 3,000 Sears and Kmart stores over the last decade. By February, the company will have 182 stores remaining.