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Amazon Day is a new Prime-member perk from Amazon that allows you to schedule your package deliveries — here’s how it works

It's a great option to use if you regularly order from Amazon, aren't in a rush to receive your item immediately, and want to reduce packaging waste.

Lululemon is spending more on air shipments before Trump’s tariffs clog up ports — and it’s a stark warning for companies that impor...

The athletic-apparel retailer expects tariffs and air freight costs to weigh on its profits this year. The trade war is taking a toll on sea trade.

FedEx just rejected millions in potential revenue from Amazon — but here’s why an analyst says it’s still the right business move

FedEx decided not to renew its Express shipping contract with Amazon. According to Moody's, that's still the right move.

FedEx says it will no longer deliver Amazon packages with its fast shipping service

FedEx announced on Friday that it will no longer deliver packages for Amazon using its quick-shipping Express service in the US.
Amazon's Prime membership could get more expensive as its service gets quicker.

Amazon will likely raise the price of Prime membership to pay for one-day shipping, according to one analyst

Amazon is already investing hundreds of millions to pay for its one-day shipping evolution. It could pass some of that cost on to consumers.

The world’s biggest shipping company warns Trump’s China tariffs are hammering global trade

Growth in global container trade more than halved to 1.7% in the first quarter. Maersk warned trade-war tariffs could slow it further.
"Our delivery keeps getting faster," Home Depot's supply chain EVP told investors.

Home Depot is countering Amazon and Walmart with its own plan for next-day delivery

Home Depot is doubling down on its delivery capabilities as the shipping wars rage on in the world of retail.
Amazon is upping the ante with one-day Prime shipping.

Amazon’s shift to one-day Prime shipping could prove a big challenge to 2 breeds of retailers

Amazon's shift to one-day shipping could be a challenge to drug and convenience stores.
Amazon is hiring full-time delivery drivers.

Amazon is hiring hundreds more people to start package delivery companies with annual profits up to $300,000

Amazon is planning to hire hundreds more people in the coming months to open and run courier businesses delivering packages for the tech giant.
An Amazon delivery station in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Amazon’s delivery network is set to explode as the company moves toward one-day shipping — and workers are bracing for big changes

Amazon delivery drivers are bracing for big changes as Amazon moves to cut its Prime two-day shipping promise to one day.