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The Nike Adventure Club targets parents who often need to buy new shoes for their growing kids.

Nike is launching a shoe-subscription program for kids in a move to capitalize on an estimated $10 billion market

The Nike Adventure Club subscription service will allow parents to pay a monthly fee in exchange for new kids' shoes multiple times a year.
Nike endorser and ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick told Nike that he considers the flag offensive, prompting the company to pull the flag-themed shoes from sales.

Nike faces backlash on social media after pulling US flag shoe design days before the Fourth of July

Nike pulled a "Betsy Ross flag"-themed shoe after the former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick called the design offensive.

Adidas needs to do one thing to stay ahead of the competition

As competition heats up, Adidas will need to ramp up its promotional activity in order to maintain its edge.

Nike is dominating Adidas in the sneaker war

One analyst took a look at the data and found that Nike may finally be topping its rival Adidas in sales.