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Roger Federer is still wearing personalized Nike shoes at Wimbledon despite leaving the sports giant for a lesser-known brand

Roger Federer has joined Uniqlo with a new deal that is reportedly worth over $300 million. Despite the separation from Nike, Federer is still wearing personalized Nike shoes that include an updated logo just for the 2018 Wimbledon Championships.

Here’s what it was like to buy the $100 Shake Shack-inspired sneakers made by Silicon Valley’s favorite shoe brand, which were available f...

Popular burger chain Shake Shack and shoe brand Allbirds announced they had teamed up to release a sneaker that would be available in New York City for one day only, on May 24. And so, I got a pair. Here's what it was like.
DSW is shaking things up with a brand-new look and revamped rewards program.

DSW has completely changed its stores and rewards program as it tries to take on Amazon-owned Zappos — here’s what it’s like to shop...

DSW is shaking things up with a brand-new look and revamped rewards program. It wants to attract shoppers who love the convenience of online shopping at retailers like Amazon-owned Zappos. Business Insider visited DSW’s “lab store” in Columbus, Ohio to check out the new in-store features.
Rothy's is expanding.

The new status shoe is machine washable, made from recycled water bottles, and costs $145 a pair

Rothy's, a shoe startup based in San Francisco, turns plastic water bottles into trendy ballet flats.
The Under Armour Hovr Phantom.

This is the shoe Under Armour is banking on to save its business

Under Armour executives couldn't stop praising the performance and success of the brand's Hovr shoes. They said in an earnings call that customers should expect more shoes like it in the future.
Inside one of Adidas' Speedfactories.

Adidas just opened a futuristic new factory — and it will dramatically change how shoes are sold

Adidas's new factory is automated and on US soil — and it's about to change how sneakers are sold.
The Adidas Yung 1.

Adidas is launching a new ‘dad shoe’ for the summer

Adidas dug through its archives for its new shoes. Called the Yung 1, the shoe takes some obvious cues from the sneaker archetype that is dominating footwear: the "dad shoe."
Me, wearing my Allbirds, featuring the Orlando International Airport carpet.

There’s a new version of the ‘world’s most comfortable shoe,’ and it’s made from trees — here’s our verdict

Allbirds shoes made from trees may sound weird, but I found them to be an essential travel companion.

Here’s the best way to play the ‘rise of sneaker culture’

Betting on Foot Locker could be the best way to play a stronger sneaker cycle, a Jefferies analyst writes.