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‘Short selling should be illegal’ – Elon Musk praised a crackdown on shorts by the world’s biggest pension fund

The Tesla and Space X boss took aim at short-sellers once again in a tweet cheering GPIF's decision to halt shorting of its overseas shares.

A notoriously bearish hedge fund manager is more convinced than ever a crash is coming — and has pushed his short bets to a record

Fund manager Russell Clark is betting against the record-long bull market, as interest rate cuts and easing trade tensions send stocks higher.

Tesla short-sellers have swung back to the SolarCity side of the business. Here’s why.

After Tesla posted a surprise 3rd-quarter profit, short-sellers found themselves burned as the stock surged past $300.

Uber short-sellers made $270 million in just 2 days as the stock plunged to record lows

The mark-to-market profits Uber shorts logged in two days is about 43% of their year-to-date returns of $640 million, according IHS Markit data.

Beyond Meat insiders will finally be able to cash in their shares next week. Here’s why that could spur vicious selling and dent the stock’...

On October 29, an additional 48 million shares of Beyond Meat will be eligible to trade on the public market after its lockup period expires.

These 13 stocks are spring-loaded for a surge as it gets too expensive to short them

When borrowing costs increase, it becomes more expensive to short a stock. S3 Partners says this could lead to a short squeeze and push shares higher.

Beyond Meat’s stock plunge made short sellers $170 million in just 15 minutes

Despite the paring of losses, those investors are still down $803 million in mark-to-market losses since Beyond's initial public offering in May.
Randeep Hothi

Tesla bailed on its harassment lawsuit against a short seller after refusing to provide evidence of its claims

Tesla said a short seller was menacing its employees, but when a judge asked for audio and video of the incident, the company dropped its complaint.

These are the top 15 most-shorted companies in the stock market

Tesla is the most shorted stock on the street, with short interest of $9.2 billion. It's in good company.