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If you try to sweat out a cold, you risk dehydration.

You can’t sweat out a cold, and trying to could make it harder for you to recover

Doctors don't recommend trying to sweat out a cold. It's a misconception that this will help. In reality, it can dehydrate you and worsen the illness.

How to manage symptoms of a common cold and what you need to do it

Getting rid of a cold can be a tough business, but there are remedies that can help you heal. Here's what you need to treat a cold.
One employee claimed his grandma had poisoned them with ham.

The 19 most ridiculous excuses people have used to call in sick

These strange and outlandish excuses for calling in sick to work may get you the day off, but they'll also raise a few eyebrows.
A high-alcohol-content hand sanitizer can be useful if you don't have access to soap and running water.

10 ways you can help reduce your risk of getting sick when you leave the house

From being mindful about what you touch to not sharing certain items, here are some simple ways you can better avoid getting sick.
Allergies can cause you to feel congested.

7 signs you could have an allergy without realizing it

From developing a rash to feeling congested, here are some common signs and symptoms you're allergic to something without even realizing it.

10 surprising, everyday things that can make you sick

Getting sick isn't ideal, but it can be difficult to know which behaviors are causing it. Here's what to look out for.
Sinus infections typically last longer than the common cold.

7 reasons why you keep getting sinus infections

Sinus infections can be incredibly frustrating and often painful. Here are seven reasons you might be getting them more often than other people.
If you're experiencing colds more than three times a year, you might want to re-evaluate some of your habits.

7 reasons why you’re getting frequent colds

It's common to occasionally come down with a cold but if you're consistently getting them, it might be worth figuring out why.
John Chhan

Customers at a California doughnut shop line up early every morning to buy out the store so the owner can spend time with his sick wife

Customers are rallying around Donut City owner John Chhan after his wife, Stella Chhan, suffered an aneurysm.
There are some things you can eat that won't hurt your throat more.

10 of the most soothing foods to eat if you have strep throat

Being sick is the worst, and when you have strep throat it is very hard to find food that doesn't hurt to eat. Here is a list of what you should eat when you have strep throat.