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The contemporary mansion's asking price is five times that of the neighborhood's median home value.

The most expensive listing in America’s wealthiest town got a $5 million price cut — take a look inside the 7-bedroom, $27.5 million Silic...

The newly constructed $27.5 million Atherton, Calif., mansion sits 20 minutes from the headquarters of both Facebook and Google. Take a look around.

Silicon Valley’s housing crisis is so dire that this 897-square-foot Palo Alto home is selling for $2.59 million — take a look inside

Silicon Valley's insanely competitive real-estate market has resulted in a listing like this house, which is selling for $2,886 per square foot. The home's future owners will have two bedrooms, one bathroom, a garage turned office area, and a tranquil private backyard area. Take a look inside.
The property sits in Tiburon, Calif., about nine miles north as the crow flies from downtown San Francisco.

There’s a $37 million waterfront property up for sale, situated in the tech capital of the world, that offers the ultimate private beach oasis

The 14 acres of Bluff Point in Tiburon, California, is one of the most expansive undeveloped waterfront properties listed in the Bay Area's competitive real estate market. It offers private sandy beaches, waterfront views, and approved plans for a 15,000-square-foot residence.
The rock has served in the past as a rock quarry, providing its material for city establishments like City Hall and the Waterfront.

San Francisco’s housing market is so competitive that a massive wedge of rock selling for $1 million is actually a bargain

A sale is currently pending on the 7,000-square-foot block of rock, situated in the city's exclusive Telegraph Hill neighborhood. A potential 12 new homes could be built upon the property, which could demand a high price tag. But by the city's standards, the listing is still a bargain.

This $18.5 million ‘secret’ hilltop estate in San Francisco has an elevator and sweeping 360-degree views of the city — take a look ...

The historic home, dubbed the Boggs-Shenson house after its former owners, boasts an elevator, five bedrooms and multiple outdoor decks for viewing the city's sweeping sights from the home's hilltop vantage point. Take a look inside.
The home sits at the end of a prestigious cul-de-sac in Menlo Park, Calif.

Former Apple manager Dale Fuller’s gorgeous mansion, ‘the trophy of Menlo Park,’ boasts a 1,600-bottle wine cellar and is for sale f...

Fuller purchased the estate in the late 1990s, spending four years renovating it with personal touches like reclaimed French brick for the floor of the 1,600-bottle wine cellar. The Menlo Park home boasts six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, a pool, a pool house pavilion and a three-car garage.

San Francisco’s tech boom is so expansive that the city’s median home price rose by $205,000 in the first half of 2018, one of the biggest...

It's one of the the biggest price rises in the city's history, sending the average home value to a whopping $1.6 million. The ever-increasing home values are directly correlated to the tech industry's growing presence in Silicon Valley as giants like Google and Facebook recruit high-earning workers.

Silicon Valley’s real estate market is so absurd that this 1-acre dirt lot in Palo Alto is selling for $15 million

It sits minutes from the hubs of major tech giants like Google, Tesla and HP. The steep price tag reflects the inflated real estate values found in Silicon Valley's infamously overheated market.

San Francisco’s housing market is so competitive that this home, the inside of which was ravaged by a fire, sold for $2 million

The listing reads "bring your contractor and your imagination" due to the fire damage sustained by the home's interior. The advice didn't sway the new owners, who paid more than double the original asking price to score a home in San Francisco's overheated real estate market.