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MoviePass competitor Sinemia is locking certain accounts until ‘misuse fees’ are paid, and some subscribers are fuming

20 Sinemia subscribers contacted Business Insider to complain about a "misuse fee," which they said had been unfairly applied.

MoviePass competitor Sinemia is demanding customers send 2 forms of ID to unlock their accounts, and some are outraged

Sinemia customers received an email on Thursday informing them they need to send in two forms of identification to continue using their accounts.

MoviePass and Sinemia are battling to sign up movie-theater chains for custom subscriptions, as their war moves into the enterprise space

Sinemia Enterprise launched in October and the interest from theaters to start their own movie ticket subscription plans has been strong.

MoviePass competitor Sinemia has 7 different ways it can charge you fees, and many customers are furious

Here are all the ways MoviePass competitor Sinemia can charge you fees.
"The Grinch."

MoviePass competitor Sinemia is making big changes after it was hit with a lawsuit by angry customers

MoviePass competitor Sinemia is re-introducing debit cards that allow customers to bypass its per-movie fees (though the card itself costs $14.99).

Why customers should be wary of MoviePass and Sinemia, from class-action lawsuits to ‘F’ ratings from the Better Business Bureau

Movie-ticket subscription services are popular, but MoviePass and Sinemia have 'F' ratings from the Better Business Bureau are subject of lawsuits.

MoviePass competitor Sinemia is being sued by angry customers who say it ripped them off with new fees

A law firm has filed a class action lawsuit in Delaware on behalf of two plaintiffs, alleging that MoviePass competitor Sinemia “essentially became a bait-and-switch scheme.”

Sinemia has emerged as a cheap MoviePass alternative, but it has hidden fees and awful customer service

Sinemia is an affordable MoviePass alternative that has comparable features and pricing, but it has flaws as well
MoviePass invested in the film "Gotti"

18% of MoviePass subscribers say they plan to cancel, but many loyalists are still happy despite unpopular new features

18% of current MoviePass subscribers say they plan to cancel the service, but many are still happy despite restrictions.

MoviePass competitor Sinemia has a new cheaper ‘weekday-only’ plan starting at $3.99 per month

Movie-ticket subscription service Sinemia has announced a new "weekday-only" plan to increase moviegoing Monday through Thursdays.