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Here’s our honest review of Playmade’s cocoa milk tea with mala pearls and wasabi milk tea with wasabi pearls

Do you consider wasabi milk tea and mala pearls a trick or a treat?

Grab is going after millennials with new food subscriptions, including a S$9 bubble tea plan and 1-for-1 dining deals

We interrupt your daily reading for some important bubble tea news - again.

Bubble tea mooncakes and putu piring tea? Here are 11 must-try items at the Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festival fair

So many mooncakes, so little time. Try these if you want something Instagrammable AND palatable.

5 exciting ice cream places in Singapore to try on Ice Cream Day, which Ronald Reagan signed into US law 25 years ago

Yes, it's true: Ice Cream Day exists in US law, and falls on July 21 this year.