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Avoid visiting your extended family, PM Lee says. Here are the 5 key Covid-19 measures Singapore announced on Apr 3

From the closure of workplaces to the restriction of movement outside one's home, here are 5 key announcements PM Lee made on Friday.

An 86-year-old woman linked to a Singapore nursing home cluster has died from coronavirus

All 5 deaths related to Covid-19 in Singapore so far have involved patients above 60 years of age.

A second Indonesian man has died from the coronavirus in Singapore

All 4deaths in Singapore involved patients above 60 years of age, and each had a history of illness such as heart disease and hypertension.

WATCH: The touching moment a returnee at Rasa Sentosa played ‘Home’ on violin as prelude to the #SGUnited applause

When there are troubles to go through, we'll find a way to start anew. There is comfort in the knowledge that home's about its people too.

WATCH: Lawrence Wong chokes up while thanking Singapore’s frontline workers battling the coronavirus outbreak

Emotions got the better of Lawrence Wong and he had to pause twice to compose himself.

Singapore imposes more travel restrictions, including mandatory stay-home notice for all symptomatic travellers – even if they test negative

"We are concerned about countries where there are few reported cases of the virus, but where we already see exported cases from these countries. That includes countries around us," Minister Lawrence Wong said.

Singapore saw 275 new cases of HIV this year – and almost 50% were already in the late stage when detected

The majority - 55% - were detected by HIV tests done in the course of medical care.