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A woman reportedly died of a heart attack after her husband fell to his death from their HDB flat

The man's wife was carried out of her flat on a stretcher not long after he fell, witness says.

Singapore is the 11th most-surveilled city in the world – but it doesn’t even come close to China: Report

There are an estimated 15.25 cameras per 1,000 people in Singapore - a far cry from Chongqing's 168.03 cameras per 1,000 people.

4 in 10 Singaporeans get upset by neighbours burning incense and joss sticks: IPS survey

The report also found that most Singaporeans still engaged in racial stereotyping, and preferred Chinese or Eurasian spouses in an interracial marriage.

DBS’ brand is worth S$12 billion, Singapore’s highest for 7th consecutive year – and the others are not even close

UOB and OCBC brand values were both close to 40% below DBS' US$9.03 billion.
Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Wealthy parents in Singapore are buying penthouses for their kids as taxes rise, and it mirrors a change in luxury real estate happening on the other ...

Singapore is attempting to cool down its housing market with an increased tax — and wealthy buyers are looking for loopholes.

One Championship launches Asia’s biggest e-sports world championship series – including events in Singapore this year

Introducing One Esports, which promises Asia's gamers up to S$685,000 if they win.
The tallest building in Singapore is a mixed-use development.

Step inside the tallest building in Singapore, where the country’s most expensive penthouse just sold for $54.2 million and a 39th-floor infinit...

Singapore's tallest building is also home to the country's most expensive penthouse, which was just sold for $54.2 million.