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Leaving the country for nearly 2 weeks made me realize how much I depend on my Google Home

My Google Home Max was too big to fit into my carry-on during my 10-day trip to Italy.

Apple just landed the most sought-after free agent in Silicon Valley — and he’ll report directly to Tim Cook

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Siri can reveal hidden notifications out loud even when your iPhone is locked — and Apple’s working on a fix

Apple says it's aware of the Siri issue and will fix the bug in an upcoming software update — in the meantime here are a few short-term fixes.

Apple’s AirPods are expected to get popular iPhone features in 2018 and 2019

Apple may bring well-known iPhone fears to its AirPods wireless earbuds in the coming years.

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There are 2 major reasons you should buy Apple’s HomePod over an Amazon Echo

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Apple’s new $350 HomePod speaker sounds great — but there are 7 crucial things it can’t do

Apple's new HomePod combines phenomenal sound with the ease of Apple products — but it has several limitations.
The HomePod.

I’m not buying Apple’s HomePod for two main reasons

Apple's got a totally new product in the HomePod. But is it worth your money?