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Why activists think ageism is a bigger barrier to work for seniors than a skills gap.

3 million older Americans can’t find high-paying jobs, and it has nothing to do with skills. Here’s the one barrier they face that no one&...

Older workers are struggling to get high-paying jobs. Though job reskilling could be a solution, activists say ageism is the biggest barrier to entry.
Instead of laying off current employees, companies can save money and stay competitive by retraining them for new jobs.

Firing workers costs big companies like General Motors billions — here’s why retraining them could be a better bargain

Retraining employees could save companies billions in restructuring costs, but many firms and the US government do not invest in re-skilling programs.
Getting a four-year degree isn't the only way to get your foot in the door at top companies like Apple.

Apple, Google, and Netflix don’t require employees to have 4-year degrees, and this could soon become an industry norm

Many top business leaders are openly questioning the need for four-year college degrees when hiring.