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We Co. CEO Adam Neumann is steering his company to an initial public offering.

WeWork files for IPO, revealing spiraling losses of $1.6 billion

The Securities and Exchange Commission filing provides the first in-depth look at WeWork's financial results.
Sara Blakely used to sell fax machines all day before coming home to her apartment to fulfill orders of Spanx all night.

11 famous people who built their fortunes off their side hustles

These 11 entrepreneurs built their fortunes from ventures that started out as part-time gigs, but not all of them gave up their day jobs.
Slack went down for thousands of users on Monday.

It wasn’t just you — Slack suffered from an outage on Monday that affected thousands of users

Slack reported an outage at 10:54 a.m. EST on Monday morning, affecting workplaces around the world.

The 11 iPhone apps I couldn’t live without

Your favorite iPhone apps might be way different from mine, but these are the apps I swear by — and honestly couldn't really live without.
Some of the new emojis coming to the iPhone in iOS 13.

Apple’s new emojis are awesome, but searching for them will still be a nightmare

Apple keeps adding new emojis to its keyboard every year. But why is there no easy way to search for any emoji you want? Other services have this.

Slack is now bigger than Deutsche Bank. Here are 8 other companies that also eclipsed the once giant German lender.

After the company's week from hell, and months of share declines, these companies now have a larger market capitalization.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

With 13 million daily active users, Microsoft says its Teams chat app is now growing faster than Slack

The race is on between Microsoft Teams and Slack. Microsoft now says Teams has 13 million daily active users. In January, Slack said it had 10 million.

Watchdog group Electronic Frontier Foundation warns people of the dangers of using Slack, the popular work chat app now worth $18 billion

By default, Slack keeps all messages forever. The EFF is calling Slack out on this policy for not putting more control over data in the hands of users.

It’s not just you: Slack is having major issues right now

If you're having issues using Slack on Friday morning, you're not alone — the service is experiencing major disruptions.

Microsoft reportedly bans its employees from using Slack for security reasons and encourages them to to use the Microsoft Teams app instead

While Microsoft has a rival workplace chat app, Microsoft Teams, it reportedly cites security risks as the reason for its internal Slack ban.