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The commercial shows a white man asking a black woman to marry and run away with him in what appears to be the antebellum south.

Ancestry.com apologized for a commercial featuring what appears to be an enslaved black woman running away with a white man

Ancestry.com apologized for commercial that appeared to romanticize a relationship between a white man and an enslaved black woman.

11 facts you learned about US history that are false

From the first Thanksgiving to the invention of the light bulb, a few things you learned in school might be wrong ...

Georgetown students voted overwhelmingly to increase their own tuition to create a reparations fund for descendants of slaves the university sold in 1...

Students say the funds should benefit the estimated 4,000 living descendants of 272 slaves that Georgetown University sold in 1838.
Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) gives the keynote speech at Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma

Cory Booker introduced a Senate bill to research reparations, taking the lead on an increasingly important issue for 2020 Democrats

"This bill is a way of addressing head-on the persistence of racism, white supremacy, and implicit racial bias in our country."

Bernie Sanders’ campaign rebukes Julian Castro’s criticism about slavery reparations, says anyone who claims to have a ‘magic bullet...

"This effort to play politics with it does a disservice to the fact that Sen. Sanders has been a lifelong advocate for racial and economic justice."
Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday was pressed on his position on reparations during an appearance on ABC's "The View."

Bernie Sanders when asked about reparations says there are ‘better ways’ to help people than ‘writing out a check’

"I think that right now our job is to address the crises facing the American people in our communities," the Vermont senator said.
The assignment.

A school district apologized for a homework assignment that instructed students to pretend that their ‘family owns slaves’

A school district in Tennessee apologized for a middle school homework assignment asking students to pretend they owned slaves and set expectations.
The above illustration from 1793 shows a depiction of the King of Dahomy, a kingdom in modern-day Benin.

A Maryland man descended from slaves took a DNA test and learned he was an African prince

Rockville, Maryland interfaith pastor Jay Speights recently learned that he was descended from the 9th King of Allada, in Benin.
Students from Ebenezer Avenue Elementary in Rock Hill, South Carolina, were filmed singing a slave song at the Carrol School.

Fifth graders were reportedly made to pick cotton and sing a slave song on a Black History Month field trip

Video footage shows fifth graders from Ebenezer Avenue Elementary in Rock Hill, South Carolina, being instructed to sing a slave song and pick cotton.
Northam has faced widespread condemnation for a "racist and offensive" photo on his page in a college yearbook.

Embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam corrected by journalist Gayle King after he calls slaves ‘indentured servants’

The Democratic governor has faced widespread condemnation for his seeming appearance in a "racist and offensive" blackface costume in a 1984 college yearbook.