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Carole Cadwalladr speaks at TED 2019

I watched over 100 TED Talks, and these insights have stuck with me the most

The theme this year, "Bigger Than Us," encouraged speakers to present solutions to the world's greatest challenges.
Sleeping in could have a negative impact on health.

What it means when you’re tired during the day but have a sudden burst of energy before bedtime

Many people experience the phenomenon of feeling tired during the day but getting a burst of energy before bed — here's what could be causing it.

Sustainable bedding startup Buffy released a new comforter made entirely from eucalyptus fiber — and it’s worth the $210 if you like to st...

The Breeze Comforter is 100% plant-based and promises to keep you cool and comfortable through the night. I tried it, and it lives up to its claims.
Steer clear of these morning mistakes.

7 mistakes you make after you wake up that ruin your day

Do the morning right. Avoid these common mistakes people make when they wake up, which can set the stage for an unproductive day.
This chicken sounded like it was snoring.

This adorable snoring chicken named Chim won the internet, but can chickens really snore?

A Twitter user posted a video of her chicken which appears to show the animal snoring.
If you have a hard time sleeping after watching TV, cruising the internet at bedtime, or working all day beneath overhead fluorescent lighting, these "sleep" glasses might just change your life.

I tried $95 ‘sleep glasses’ that are designed for watching TV or surfing the web before bed, but they also took the edge off harsh office ...

If you have a hard time sleeping after watching TV, or working all day beneath overhead fluorescent lighting, Felix Gray's "sleep" glasses might just change your life.
I (not pictured) tried to wake up early each morning for a week.

I tried waking up at 5:30 a.m. for a week and it actually turned me into an early riser

I tried to become a morning person by waking up at 5:30 a.m. each day. Here are some of the biggest tips for becoming a morning person that I learned.
The author stopped using her phone before bed and noticed some dramatic changes.

I stopped using my phone before bed — and immediately noticed 4 huge changes to my well-being

I noticed some dramatic changes after stopping using my phone before bed, from an increased attention span to more relaxing sleep.
Science journalist Henry Nicholls told Vox that our internal clocks depend on syncing with the "blue lights of dawn and dusk."

The real reason you still feel tired after taking a nap — and the 3 things that might help

If you've ever taken a nap and woken up just as tired or more tired than before, there's a reason. Here's why you're still tired after taking a nap.
Whether you're a back-sleeper, side-sleeper, or front-sleeper, the mattress offers plenty of support, while still remaining comfortable and cool through the night.

I slept on a mattress from popular online startup Purple for 6 months — and it’s not just another big slab of memory foam

The Purple mattress is an excellent investment for anyone looking into getting a new mattress. It’s not just a big slab of memory foam.