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Alcohol can be harmful even if you don't drink it yourself.

It’s not just secondhand smoke — secondhand alcohol exposure is really what you should be worried about

Up to 20% of people are harmed by someone else's drinking each year. Women who drink heavily are most at risk, especially from a spouse or partner.

All tobacco products in Singapore will be sold in standardised packaging with enlarged graphic warnings from July 2020

The minimum size of mandatory graphic health warnings will be increased to cover 75 per cent of all specified tobacco product packaging surfaces - up from the current size of 50 per cent.
The San Francisco e-cigarette ban could  "inadvertently help keep cigarettes on the market and support the most lethal of all the products," one tobacco policy researcher told INSIDER.

E-cigarette advocates are furious about San Francisco’s new ban, and a public health official said it’s an ‘ideological vendettaR...

Some health policy experts say San Francisco's e-cigarette ban doesn't appropriately weigh the risks to teens with the benefits for former smokers.

Cigarette smoking is at an all time low, but college students are increasingly turning to vaping, and schools are scrambling to regulate it

Despite widespread university bans specifically targeting the products, vaping remains prevalent in dorm rooms, libraries, bathroom stalls, and even classrooms.

Illegal cigarettes made up 60% of the Malaysian market in 2018 – here’s why that’s causing major problems

Malaysia has lost RM1.5 billion (US$360 million) due to taxes evaded by the illicit cigarette trade in 2018, but that isn't the end of its troubles.

A teenager’s jaw shattered after a vape pen exploded in his mouth, once again raising concerns about e-cigarettes

A 17-year-old boy had to have his jaw wired shut after a vape pen exploded in his mouth last year, once again raising safety concerns about e-cigs.

E-cig company Juul is diving further into health with an app geared toward turning smokers into Juulers

Eager to show that its e-cigarettes can help adult smokers, Juul is pushing into healthcare. It's planning an app aimed at smokers switching to vaping
Juul wants to show that its e-cigarettes could help smokers quit.

E-cig company Juul is considering creating a digital health tool for smokers who want to quit

In addition to its e-cigs, Juul could offer smokers an app or similar tool that they could use for support while they try to cut back on smoking.
Alice Moon, who has cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS), can no longer use marijuana. She still works in the marijuana industry.

A mysterious condition makes marijuana users violently ill, and it reveals a hidden downside to the drug’s growing popularity

Interviews with researchers, doctors, and patients with cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome reveal a severe and mysterious illness tied to heavy cannabis use.

Malaysia is the largest consumer of illegal cigarettes in the world with over 12 billion sticks sold in 2018: Study

The study found that 58.9 per cent of cigarettes sold in Malaysia were illegal.