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"Snapchat dysmorphia" is now a term used by doctors.

‘Snapchat dysmorphia’ is a disturbing new phenomenon where people want to look more like their filtered selfies

Instagram and Snapchat filters are the new celebrity photo, offering up unrealistic standards of beauty that might trigger people to feel unhappy with the way they look in real life.

Instagram added more new users last year than Snapchat has in total

Snapchat's user growth has fallen way behind that of the Facebook app empire, which includes Instagram, WhatsApp, and the Facebook app itself.
Sarah Buck, 23, (L) recruiter for messaging app Snapchat, talks to job seekers at a booth at TechFair LA, a technology job fair, in Los Angeles, California, U.S., January 26, 2017

Some of Snapchat’s source code was leaked and posted online — here’s what happened

After an iOS update in May, some of Snapchat's source code was obtained and leaked, and later posted to GitHub. Snapchat quickly filed a takedown request with GitHub, who complied, but the code can still be found.
Co-Founder and CEO of Snap Inc. Evan Spiegel.

Snap soared way up after beating Wall Street expectations — then plummeted on signs of weakness to come

Snapchat's parent company announced smaller-than-expected losses, and now it's soaring.
Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, which held an extremely abbreviated annual meeting on Thursday.

Snap’s shareholder meeting was less than three minutes long because Evan Spiegel controls so much of the company anyway

Evan Spiegel's control over Snap is so complete that he seemingly can even keep the company's annual shareholder meeting to less than three minutes.
Snap CEO Evan Spiegel.

The life and career rise of Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, one of the youngest billionaires in the world

Snap CEO and Snapchat creator Evan Spiegel is one of the youngest billionaires in the world and leading one of the hottest companies in tech. Plus, he's married to model Miranda Kerr and has a brand-new baby. Here's how he got his start.
Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel speaks onstage during 'Disrupting Information and Communication' at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on October 8, 2014 in San Francisco, California.

Snap is getting caught up in the social-media carnage

Snap is under pressure Friday following a rough few days for social-media companies. Facebook and Twitter both reported disappointing user metrics this week and warned of a further slowdown ahead.
Pride march in New York City.

Snap has signed up its first LGBT partner for Snapchat Discover

Snap has signed up British website PinkNews as its first LGBT partner on Snapchat Discover. PinkNews will go live on Wednesday on Snapchat, where around half of users identify as not 100% straight.
Snapchat has come under fire internally for what has been described as a "toxic" culture.

Snapchat is down for some users for the second time in two weeks

Photo sharing app Snapchat is experiencing technical issues for the second week in a row, after many users reported being unable to connect to servers or send messages through the app Tuesday.