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A snowstorm in Cleveland, Ohio, around 1930.

29 vintage photos show how Americans used to trudge through snowstorms

Some things have gotten easier with time — like trudging through snowstorms. These photos from 1900 to 1993 show how Americans coped with snowstorms.

10 of the biggest blizzards to ever hit the US

The Knickerbocker Storm, the Storm of the Century, Snowmageddon — it's the blizzards that earn titles that do the most damage.
Women lounging in the snow after a blizzard in Washington, DC, in 1922.

13 vintage photos of major US snowstorms that’ll make you want to hibernate

The polar vortex is currently sweeping through and snowing on the nation. But it's not the first of its kind.
Snow in Columbia, Missouri.

Winter storm Gia is battering the Midwest with snow and ice. Here’s what it looks like for people on the ground.

Winter storm Gia is moving across the Midwest, causing fatal crashes, flight delays, and power outages.

More than 1,000 flights were canceled in North Carolina after an intense snowstorm

At Charlotte Douglas International Airport, 1,133 flights to or from the airport were canceled on Sunday.

Rare ‘thundersnow’ is hitting New York — here’s what that is and why it happens

Thundersnow is rare because the storms that dump snow and the ones that cause thunder and lightning are usually very different.

An unusual weather pattern explains why there’s been so much snow already – and that could continue all winter

A La Niña weather pattern is shaking up winter forecasts across the US. High snow totals are expected in the Rocky Mountains and across northern states.

Bills and Colts play in a whiteout after snow takes over Buffalo stadium — and fans can barely see the field

Visibility and scoring are at a minimum as the Colts and Bills attempt to play football through a snowstorm.

Photos show the East Coast blizzard’s harsh impact across the region

Snowstorm Stella didn't meet forecast predictions in some major population centers, including New York City. But its impact was felt across the East Coast.

Major storm could strike Pittsburgh, Philly, NYC, and Boston with up to a foot of snow on Thursday

A huge swath of the American Northeast will likely experience a serious snowstorm on Thursday, snarling travel and traffic on highways.