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Did you delete Facebook as part of the #DeleteFacebook movement? Business Insider wants to know how you’re keeping in touch with friends and fam...

If you were part of the #DeleteFacebook movement and recently returned to the platform, Business Insider wants to hear about your experience.
Masks have become a powerful symbol in the fight against COVID-19 hate crimes being led by designer Michelle Hanabusa, and social media startups founder Tammy Cho.

Activists fighting coronavirus-driven hate crimes are rallying on social media to turn masks into a symbol, rather than a target in racist attacks

People wearing masks have been attacked in hate crimes. As the CDC asks Americans to wear them, activists have a powerful symbol.
Lil Miquela is one of the best known CGI influencers,

The World Health Organization has recruited a CGI influencer to get young people interested in safe practices around the coronavirus

Knox Frost, a CGI rendering of a 20-year-old man, has over a million followers on Instagram.

YouTube beauty guru Patrick Starrr shares his makeup routine for video calls and working from home

YouTuber Patrick Starrr told Insider in an interview that he's making the effort to put on a little bit of makeup every day.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, left, and TikTok global head Alex Zhu.

YouTube is reportedly planning to launch an in-app rival to viral video-sharing app TikTok before the end of 2020

Shorts could pose a real threat to TikTok, by using its ties to YouTube, in a way that other companies have been unable to do.
The social-media-research firm Dataminr has mapped clusters of firsthand accounts of COVID-19 as a way to track the virus.

14 states where coronavirus cases might flare up next, according to research into social-media posts about symptoms, testing, and sick relatives

Dataminr, a New York firm that tracks social media, has found that clusters of firsthand social-media accounts predict the spread of COVID-19.
Transgender people have been sharing their pre and post transition photos.

These Trans Day of Visibility before-and-after transition posts show how happy people are when they become who they are supposed to be

March 31 was Trans Day of Visibility, and many trans people shared some photos of before and after their transitions.
A man wears a mask while walking in the street in Wuhan, Hubei province, China.

Chinese social-media platform WeChat saw spikes in the terms ‘coronavirus,’ ‘shortness of breath,’ and ‘SARS,’ wee...

A study found discussions about SARS-like infections on WeChat in early December, raising questions about the timeline of the coronavirus outbreak.

Teens give us their best advice on using social media to date while in quarantine

Even if your average teenager isn't a major social media influencer, they may know a thing or two about using social media than the average adult.
A temporary hospital is built in Central Park on the East Meadow lawn on March 30, 2020 in New York City. The facility is a partnership between Mt. Sinai Hospital and Christian humanitarian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse, equipped with 68 beds to treat COVID-19 patients.

The group building tents for coronavirus treatment in Central Park says its medical staff must adhere to Christian beliefs, sparking condemnation onli...

Samaritan's Purse, the group that built coronavirus field hospitals in New York's Central Park, is seeking Christian staff members.