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Many rich millennials flaunt their wealth on social media.

7 ways rich millennials spend and display their money differently than rich baby boomers

Rich millennials have different financial behaviors and habits than rich baby boomers do — see how their wealth and spending compares.

At age 8, children in Singapore are youngest globally to get first internet device – and online safety is a growing concern, Google study finds

This is the youngest average age among all the countries surveyed, lower than the global average of 10 years old.
Are you an Instagram addict?

I didn’t delete social media, but this small tweak I made to my social media feeds has had a huge effect on my happiness

Tweaking my social media feeds has shown me it's possible to find happiness and peace of mind on social media.
Eleea Navarro, 24, won an all-expenses-paid, three-month trip throughout Europe with Busabout in 2018.

A travel company is offering all-expenses-paid trips to Europe, the US, and Asia to people willing to let Instagrammers dictate their holiday

You could travel Europe for 11 weeks this summer, finishing your trip at Oktoberfest in Munich — but who knows what will happen along the way.
Selena Gomez is the third most-followed person on Instagram.

Selena Gomez pointed out a flaw in Snapchat’s popular filters, and she has a pretty good point

The "Same Old Love" singer noticed that Snapchat tends to use blue eyes for "pretty" filters, while distorted filters use her natural brown eyes.
While texting and Instagram unsurprisingly reign supreme, it's interesting to note how many emails these kids are getting, too.

A teacher documented every notification her students received during class, and it’s a startling look at how distracted teens are by their phone...

The teacher's experiment showed just how many times students received a notification, and the sheer number is shocking.
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have been the subjects of critical comments on social media.

British royal family bans ‘abusive, hateful, inflammatory’ comments on its social media accounts after a deluge of angry, racist posts abo...

The guidelines suggest social media users engaging with the royals must not be "abusive" or "hateful," among other things.
A still image from a video posted by US Strategic Command.

Here are some social-media failures and misfires the US military had to walk back in shame

Every day, US military commands reach millions with Twitter and Facebook posts aimed to inform and inspire. But sometimes even these pros screw up.
US Army soldier takes a selfie during a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter flight over the Black Sea

With just $60 and internet access, researchers found and tracked NATO troops and even tricked them into disobeying orders

NATO researchers did this with a limited team and limited funds. Imagine what a major power like Russia could do.
Falling down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos.

YouTube is partially to blame for the rise in people believing the Earth is flat, according to a new study

Flat Earth videos are often recommended to people after they watch other conspiracy theory videos, the researchers found.