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According to psychologist Maike Luhmann, people experience heightened levels of loneliness periodically as they age. "What matters is social connection," she told Vox.

How being lonely can affect your health and what you can do about it

Too much loneliness can raise your risk of depression and heart disease, help Alzheimer's disease progress, and lower your ability to learn.

A viral video app you’ve probably never heard of had more downloads in September than Facebook, YouTube, or Snapchat

TikTok — an app you may have never heard of before — was the most downloaded app in the US in September.

Mark Zuckerberg’s $3 billion bet on VR is finally paying off

Facebook's new Oculus Go virtual reality headset is, by far, the best VR headset I've ever used.

Scientists may have uncovered a psychological reason why some people are more likely to be racist

People who hate disordered patterns could be more prone to being racist, according to new research

Inside Business Insider’s distribution strategy, where social and mobile rule

Business Insider recognizes the value that social platforms offer in reaching our readers where they are already congregating: increasingly on mobile devices.

Snapchat has taken a lead in one of the most disruptive areas of tech

The social-media app is popular with millennials. Its special sauce, for both popularity and monetization, lies in its unique approach to photo-taking​.

This common characteristic may be as big a risk to your health as smoking

A new study reveals how social isolation affects the body.