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Bill and Melinda Gates think a weaponized disease may be the biggest threat to humanity — here’s how worried you should be

One of the biggest threats out there is still one of the oldest: infectious disease, either natural or human-made.
Delane Parnell is CEO and founder of PlayVS.

High schoolers across America will start playing video games for sport this fall — meet the 25-year-old Detroit native who made it happen

Delane Parnell is the CEO and founder of PlayVS, a startup that's bringing a competitive video gaming league to high schools across the US.

Burt Reynolds remembers his legendary career and the most dangerous stunt he ever did

Reynolds looks back on the highlights of his stardom — including going down a waterfall in "Deliverance" and getting shot out naked.

Comedian Judd Apatow compares Donald Trump to ‘the psycho girl’ on ‘The Bachelor’

The "Knocked Up" writer and director has plenty of original jabs at Donald Trump.

10 music artists who are about to blow up in 2016, according to Spotify

These are the artists you need to know who are breaking out at SXSW this year.