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K-pop star Sulli, who has died aged 25, had been subject to ‘malicious’ online comments

SM Entertainment said that the late star's funeral will be kept private, and its location kept secret.

South Korea’s largest hedge fund freezes $710 million as investors try to pull funds

Lime Asset Management confirmed it's under investigation for its purchase of certain convertible bonds, according to Bloomberg.
A old wanted posted from South Korean police investigating the Hwaseong serial killings.

A South Korean man confessed to strangling 9 women in infamous serial killings 30 years ago

Lee Chun-jae, 56, confessed to killing nine women in what's known as the Hwaseong murders, which had been unresolved until now.
Anti-Japan posters (top and bottom left) and a convenience store (right) no longer selling Japanese beer in Seoul, South Korea.

South Koreans are canceling vacations to Japan and boycotting its beer in a trade war more bitter than Trump’s feud with China

South Korea and Japan are engaged in an unrelenting trade war that has reignited more than 100 years of tension between the two nations.
A stock image shows a doctor evaluating a pregnant woman.

A doctor and nurse are under investigation in South Korea after mistakenly performing an abortion on the wrong woman

South Korean police said the abortion was due to a mix-up in patient medical records at a hospital in Seoul last month.
South Korean President Moon Jae-In is welcomed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe upon his arrival for an welcome and family photo session at G20 leaders summit in Osaka.

South Korea kicked up its trade war with Japan by making it 3 times as hard for companies to export goods there

Companies from South Korea selling "strategic" goods to Japan will have to complete more paperwork and wait longer for approval to sell their goods.

South Korean police say 7 Brazilian women were lured into prostitution with the promise of K-pop stardom

The women were rescued after one of them managed to call the Brazilian Embassy in South Korea last month.
Abe (middle) with Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Keiichi Ishii (left) and Finance Minister Taro Aso (right) at a cabinet meeting in Tokyo on Friday.

South Korea accuses Japan of treating it like a ‘hostile nation’ after it was officially downgraded as a trading partner amid escalating t...

Both countries have blamed each other to justify their actions in their ongoing trade war, which started over a historic dispute from World War II.
FILE PHOTO: Police officer stands guard near Japan and South Korea national flags at hotel, where South Korean embassy in Japan is holding the reception to mark the 50th anniversary of normalisation of ties between Seoul and Tokyo in Tokyo

2 US allies in Asia are at each other’s throats, and it’s a big win for China

"It weakens the United States' toolkit for fighting back against China's aims and ambitions," an Asia security expert told Insider.

Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s messy divorce escalates: Actress claims husband said her ‘nipples weren’t sexy’

"My husband told me that he wanted to divorce me because my nipples weren’t sexy," she claims.