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9 mind-blowing facts about the US farming industry

The US farming industry contributes more than $100 billion to the economy — but it's being threatened by trade wars and climate change.

27.5 million tons of US soybeans expected to go unsold this year as a direct consequence of the trade war with China

The trade war has had a major impact on agriculture over the past two years with the latest USDA figures highlighting the soybean market's problems.
Farmer Terry Davidson displays one of his soybeans July 6, 2018, in Harvard, Illinois, the same day China imposed retaliatory tariffs aimed at the US soybean market.

China’s ‘soybean diplomacy’ may delight Trump, but US soybean farmers are far less optimistic

More soybean diplomacy from China is intended to surprise — and please — President Donald Trump, but there's not much to encourage US soybean farmers.
President Donald Trump's trade war has had a major impact on global trade.

A simple chart shows the winners and losers from Trump’s trade war with China

Brazil has seen exports to China jump as a result of the stopping of US soybean exports to China thanks to the trade war.

The outlook for American soybeans remains ‘bleak’ in wake of Trump’s trade war

Farmers breathed a sigh of relief when the US and China agreed to a trade-war ceasefire. But economists say the soybean industry won't entirely recover.
Farmer Mark Catterton drives a John Deere Harvester while harvesting soybeans in October 19, 2018 in Owings, Maryland.

The US government shutdown could delay subsidies for farmers already ravaged by Trump’s trade war

University of Illinois agricultural economist Scott Irwin said almost $5 billion meant to shield US farmers from Trump's policy is being stalled.

China’s return to US soybeans was seen as a major concession. Here’s why it probably wasn’t.

Economists say the return may have had less to do with a deal and more to do with China trying to meet soybean demand.

Trump is failing to achieve one of the biggest goals of his trade war, and he only has himself to blame

President Donald Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods are driving up the trade deficit, the opposite of the president's stated goal for the trade war.

China reportedly bought $180 million worth of US soybeans, and it’s the first concrete sign of a truce between Trump and Xi

China is reportedly buying US soybeans again, the first sign that Beijing will follow through on promises made during the Trump-Xi dinner.

China looks like it’s going to give Trump a huge symbolic trade war win, fueling hope for a big deal

China is scrapping their Made in China 2025 plan for economic domination. The move could mark a large symbolic win for President Donald Trump