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Dow set to dive more than 200 points after Trump escalates Russia tensions

President Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday morning for Russia to "Get ready" for the US to attack Syria.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix hits a record high — and it’s the best performing FAANG stock this year

Netflix is soaring, and it is way better than the already soaring FAANG stocks.

Stocks just had a wild week — here’s where they ended up

The Dow closed 5.2% lower on the week, the worst 1-week drop since January 2016.

Only 15 S&P 500 stocks closed in the green Thursday

Here's which stocks gained the most amid a market bloodbath.

The Dow fell over 1,000 points for the second day this week — here’s what to do with your money right now

The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 have been taking investors for a wild ride lately, but it's not time to cash out — especially if you're investing for retirement.

Here’s how much the stock market must plunge before it gets shut down

The Securities and Exchange Commission's so-called circuit breakers trigger at three key levels.

Asian shares on edge as US futures slip

An electronic board...