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Snap just introduced new $200 Spectacles that look more like regular sunglasses

Snap introduced new styles of its Spectacles camera glasses that are more stylish than previous versions. The new styles, called Nico and Veronica, have polarized lenses and look more like standard sunglasses.

I tried Snap’s snazzy camera glasses over my wedding week to see if they live up to the hype. Here’s the verdict

Snap released the second generation of its Spectacles camera glasses in April 2018. But do they live up to the hype?

Here are all the major differences between Snap’s new Spectacles and the original version

Snap has released the second-generation Spectacles, a slimmer, lighter, better-looking version, and the first update to the glasses since 2016.

Snap jumps after confirming Spectacles 2.0 — even though the first version was a flop

Shares of the company popped 3% when the news hit markets Wednesday.

Snap reportedly has two new versions of its Spectacles in the works, with the first arriving this fall

Spectacles 2.0 will reportedly arrive this fall, with a more expensive, more powerful version following that.