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SoulCycle's first London branch.

I’m a Londoner who just tried SoulCycle for the first time, and I now totally understand why Americans are so obsessed with the cult spin class

The celebrity-favourite workout is famous for its enthusiastic culture, but would it all be too American for reserved Brits? We went to find out.
Make the most of your spin class by mastering the resistance dial.

The one thing you’re doing wrong in spin classes, according to the CEO of Psycle

The biggest mistake you can make in a spin class is pedalling too fast because you haven't mastered the resistance dial, according to Psycle CEO Rhian Stephenson.

A bunch of cycling enthusiasts just helped Peloton Cycle raise $325 million — betting it could be ‘the Apple of fitness’

Noah Wintroub cold-called Peloton Cycle founder and CEO John Foley. Wintroub had ordered a Peloton indoor bike about six months earlier.