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Anthony Smith.

A UFC star fought with an intruder in his house for 5 minutes, saying the home invader was ‘no normal human’ and it was ‘one of the ...

"I'm by no means the baddest dude on the planet. But he's a regular Joe and I had a hard time dealing with him," Smith said.
Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Conor McGregor is no longer next in line to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov, and might have to wait another year for a rematch

Conor McGregor has to wait until 2021 before he can lay hands on Nurmagomedov in what Dana White says would be the biggest UFC fight ever.
Rafael Salguero is one of those who stands accused.

The DOJ accused several senior football executives of taking millions in bribes to help secure FIFA World Cups for Russia and Qatar

"This should illustrate to everyone still hoping to score millions corruptly, we're going to find you," said FBI assistant director William Sweeney.

97 league titles, a halftime escape plan, and prison sentences: Inside the Uruguayan Clasico — Club Nacional vs. Atletico Penarol

Nacional players once ran away from a match at halftime after having two players sent off in the first half.
Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje to fight on April 18.

Justin Gaethje has officially replaced Khabib Nurmagomedov as Tony Ferguson’s opponent at UFC 249 on April 18

Despite other major sports leagues shutting down because of the coronavirus pandemic, the UFC is pressing ahead. Gaethje said he's "terrified."
Dana White.

The UFC president Dana White has been named as the anonymous Las Vegas businessman in a $200,000 sex-tape extortion case

Dana White had been seeing a stripper to whom he "paid large sums of money," according to reports. He's now being sued for breach of contract.
Dempsey famously had no toes on his right foot.

NFL record breaking kicker Tom Dempsey, who famously had no toes on his kicking foot, has died aged 73 after contracting the coronavirus

"Tom's life spoke directly to the power of the human spirit," Gayle Benson, owner of his former team the New Orleans Saints said.
Dana White has denied claims he is only pushing ahead with UFC shows during the pandemic because of greed.

Dana White has denied being ‘the poster boy of corporate greed,’ after refusing to cancel a UFC show: ‘I do this because I f—&...

Dana White has been slammed for trying to organize UFC events during a pandemic and has since turned on the media.
Tom Brady had reportedly had enough of Bill Belichick.

Tom Brady was ‘Belichick’d out’ at the Patriots, and moved to the Bucs because he wanted to play under a more relaxed head coach

Brady signed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last month on a two-year $50 million deal, and will now play under Bruce Arians.
Conor McGregor.

Khabib Nurmagomedov threw fuel on the fire of his rivalry with Conor McGregor, saying the Irishman is only the UFC’s 3rd-best lightweight

Concerned he could be stripped of his UFC belt, Nurmagomedov spat vitriol recently by saying Conor McGregor will fail to become the division's best.