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Amazon Music and Spotify are both reliable music streaming services, but Spotify’s personalization and sharing features make it a better fit for...

Spotify and Amazon Music both offer streaming access to a large library of songs. We compared the two to determine which is the best for most needs.
The author on a virtual date.

I started dating someone just before the coronavirus lockdown in the UK. Here are 8 ways we’re making it work, even though we can’t see ea...

Sophia and I only got to meet twice in person, but, following some virtual dates, we decided to give things a try — pandemic or not.
Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

You can finally buy Amazon Prime shows and movies in-app on Apple devices, after Amazon bypasses Apple’s 30% levy

Apple said that it had a previously-established program to provide exemptions for "premium subscription video entertainment providers."

The best music streaming services you can subscribe to

These are the best streaming services you can use to listen to millions of songs in an instant — from Apple Music and Spotify to Tidal.
One of the world's most popular streaming music services kept hearing one puzzling complaint from its users.

Spotify made its shuffle feature less random so that it would actually feel more random to listeners — here’s why

One of the world's most popular streaming music services kept hearing one puzzling complaint from its users — and it had happened at Apple too.

The 28 youngest billionaires in tech, from Stripe’s founders to the owner of TikTok

Many of the world's youngest billionaires, like Evan Spiegel and Mark Zuckerberg, hail from the tech industry.
Coronavirus-themed playlists on Spotify.

People are making coronavirus and quarantine themed Spotify playlists

These playlists provide a surprisingly intimate look at how people across the globe are feeling about and coping with the ongoing crisis.
You can make Pandora the default streaming service on your Alexa speaker.

How to play podcasts on your Alexa-enabled smart speaker

You can play podcasts on your Alexa speaker using a variety of platforms, like Spotify or Apple Music.