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Spotify spikes 19% as surging podcast interest drives surprise quarterly profit

The third-quarter operating profit was only the company's second in history, and was driven by strong user growth and surging podcast interest.

Spotify is getting hammered after its earnings miss

Spotify is getting crushed early Thursday. The stock slid Wednesday afternoon, after the company showed a bad first report card to investors. Thursday, to start the day, the stock is dropping even more.

Spotify is climbing ahead of earnings

The freshly public company is expected to report a first quarter loss of $0.31 per share on revenues of $1.14 billion, according to a Bloomberg poll of analysts. In 2017, Spotify lost $5 billion on revenue of $1.5 billion.

Here’s why you can’t really compare Spotify and Netflix

Shares of Spotify have slumped 10% from their debut price on Tuesday.

Spotify slides off its debut price after ‘novel’ direct offering

The Swedish music-streaming company's stock began trading shortly before 1 p.m. ET at a valuation of $30 billion.