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There's a Spotify playlist dedicated to each zodiac sign.

Spotify released playlists for every zodiac sign and they change each month to reflect your horoscope

Spotify's new horoscope playlists offer customized playlists for each zodiac sign and the playlists change each month to reflect your horoscope.
Troy Carter has helped launch the careers of musicians such as Lady Gaga and Meghan Trainor.

A legendary Los Angeles music manager and venture capitalist asks himself one question when deciding which companies to invest in

Legendary Los Angeles music manager and venture capitalist Troy Carter spoke at Business Insider's IGNITION Conference Tuesday afternoon in NYC.
A still from the video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college.

A 2009 song skyrocketed in popularity after being featured in a viral tweet blasting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for dancing

In 2010, a college-aged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a video that featured her dancing to "Lisztomania" by the French band Phoenix. Now, the song is popular again.

Netflix, Spotify, and others are making moves that could trigger an ‘Apple Tax’ reform, RBC says

Netflix and other apps' recent moves to stop paying Apple Store fees will likely trigger an 'Apple Tax' reform, RBC says.
Apple CEO Tim Cook, left, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix quietly made a change to its iPhone app that should spook Apple

Netflix quietly made a change earlier this month that allows it to circumvent the 15% to 30% cut Apple takes from every App Store purchase.
Facebook VP Ime Archibong.

Facebook says there’s an innocent explanation for why it allowed Spotify and Netflix to access your private messages

Facebook says that Spotify and Facebook needed the access to allow users to share private messages with each other via Messenger.
Google and Facebook are leaders in this space.

Experts say a counterintuitive management strategy used by top tech companies like Google and Facebook can yield major benefits

Tech companies are notorious for letting employees easily switch teams. It helps with talent retention and benefits people's careers in the long run.
Drake, Michael Jackson, and Ariana Grande were three of Spotify's most- played artists in 2018.

Spotify’s annual year in review playlists are out, and the internet has a lot of questions about their accuracy

Spotify's 2018 Wrapped feature appears to be experiencing some kinks, with Twitter users complaining about their playlists and stats being wrong.

Everyone is using Spotify’s sweet new tool to discover and share their top music of 2018 — check it out

If you use Spotify, you can see your personalized year-end charts with this sweet new tool that's completely free.
The Google Home Mini is a smaller version of the Google Assistant-powered Google Home smart speaker — Google's response to Amazon's Echo line of Alexa-powered smart speakers.

Spotify is giving away free Google Home speakers to subscribers — here’s how to get yours

Paying for Spotify? If you're a family level subscriber — $15/month — you can get a free Google Home Mini just for being you!