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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Square just told employees they can work from home permanently

Square said employees who can do their job remotely will be able to do so even after its offices reopen, according to The Verge.
WeWork founder Adam Neumann, Stitch Fix founder Katrina Lake, Stripe founder Patrick Collison, and Shopify founder Tobias Lütke

Venture capitalists reveal the startups that changed everything in the past decade

By leveraging smartphones, online marketplaces, and cheap access to technology, startups like Uber and Shopify became the talk of the town.
Charities backed by Rihanna, Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey are donating $6.2 million in grants to fight coronavirus.

Charities backed by Rihanna, Jack Dorsey, and Jay-Z are teaming up to donate $6.2 million to coronavirus relief efforts

The grants will go to 11 nonprofits providing everything from food in New Orleans to testing kits in the Caribbean to mobile clinics in Malawi.

Jack Dorsey reportedly felt so betrayed that Instagram sold to Facebook that he deleted the app and hasn’t posted since

The Twitter CEO hasn't posted to Instagram since 2012, despite being an influential early user and a close friend of Instagram founder Kevin Systrom.
TikTok president Alex Zhu made the announcement Thursday in a blog post.

TikTok’s $250 million pledge to coronavirus relief will support healthcare workers, education, and communities around the world

TikTok's $250 million pledge to fund COVID-19 relief efforts is one of the largest donations made by a major tech organization.
Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey’s $1 billion commitment to tackling the coronavirus outbreak has impressed fellow billionaires and tech execs

It appears Jack Dorsey's $1 billion fund for coronavirus relief has wowed the super-rich, who have been applauding him on Twitter.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he’s putting $1 billion of his own wealth into a fund for coronavirus relief and other aid efforts

The Twitter and Square CEO said he set up a $1 billion fund in Square equity, about 28% of his total wealth, to aid coronavirus relief.

Facebook just named two women to its board as it seeks gender parity — here are 13 tech companies that have recently diversified their boardroom...

Facebook just added two women to its board, joining companies like Stitch Fix and HP in bringing more diverse voices to the table.

Here’s what you need to know about why developers love Swift, the Apple programming language that developers are using to build most new iPhone ...

Apple launched Swift at its Worldwide Developers Conference in 2014. Since then, it has been embraced by Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, and Square.

Jack Dorsey will remain the CEO of Twitter as part of a truce it just struck with an activist hedge fund pushing for change

Jack Dorsey will remain the CEO of Twitter despite reports that activist investor Elliott Management had wanted to replace him.